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This blog I created to share Tourism Destinations of INDONESIA;In each article there are date, month & year of writing. The information available on this blog is used for reference or reference only. I write based on what I know on the date, month and year of writing. I am not sure all the information presented is accurate and complete because I am not responsible for any errors and delays in the information, or any losses incurred due to actions relating to the use of information contained in this blog, I am very grateful if any readers are ready to use the update an article I've written through the comment field;

In this blog there are some links to other sites I mean to complete the information I wrote on the date of writing and at that time still relevant. Therefore I am not responsible for the content or changes to the content of the sites I link to;

Every reader of this blog is allowed to comment with commentary notes written down the responsibilities of each;

The writings on this Blog is a personal opinion and author's experience and not a reflection of the attitude of the institution where the author works.

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