Best Places to Visit In Ethiopia

6 Places of Interest in Ethiopia - Going on a vacation around the world is a dream for the people. Not only eliminating the fatigue of daily activities, vacationing abroad has its own charm. For some people who really like the holidays, despite wasting a lot of money, but they are able to give up that little cost, it is because it can satisfy the inner needs or sense of satisfaction that can not be measured with the material. Especially if you can feel a visit in the holiday around the world, exploring the continents in the world. This will certainly greatly enhance our experience and enrich our knowledge. We can take vacations while studying the very diverse cultures around the world.
Among us, all must have been very aware that the countries that are often used as a place of warning is anywhere, and located on what continent. Continental is very often used as a place to visit for a vacation in Asia, Europe, America, Australia, then Africa and Antarctica that contains a lot of ice. The reason why the continents are often used as tourist visits because it felt a lot of unique and good places. When viewed from the rating or the number of people who visit to travel, among the five continents are inhabited it is Africa is the continent of the most rarely visited. Nonetheless, that does not mean Africa is never a guest for a vacation, or in Afika there is no interesting place to visit. One of the countries in Africa is Ethiopia. Ethiopia is one of three countries that are not colonized by other countries. Ethiopia is a Republican state. As a country that had never been colonized before. Ethiopia is the oldest country in the world and also the country that has the earliest civilization in the world. Ethiopia is also one of the countries. The Ethiopian state still uses the Julian calendar, so Ethiopia is opening celebrations in welcoming the third millennium based on the calendar. Did you know that Ethiopia has some amazing tourist spots? Ethiopia is even staying that the best tourist attractions or best in the world. Even in 2015, Here are some of the tourist attractions in Ethiopia are allegedly become the best tourist attractions in the world.

1. Danakil Depression

Danakil Depression, allegedly the cruelest place in the world. This place is the hottest place in Ethiopia, even in the world today. The average temperature in this place is always above 35 degrees Celsius. However, this very hot weather or temperature is not the main uniqueness or the most desirable of this place. Precisely because of its geological appearance is very unique because almost no one equals in this world. This region was originally an active volcano. But now it only leaves a mound of rocks that yellow color to the ambush. This area is also flooded by water. But the water here has a very high temperature and the salt content is also very high, similar to the Caspian Sea. When it comes here, You will see yellow rocks accompanied by a very strong smell or salt scent. But if a visit here, need to be alert and cautious. Because there was once a case that someone died in this area just because it lingered in this area. This is because in this region the natural conditions are very extreme, especially the state of the atmosphere.

2. Rock-Hewn Church (Stone Church from the 12th century AD)

Rock-Hewn Church (Stone Church from the 12th century AD)In the beginning, this church was made by carving stone and digging the ground. The building is completely made entirely of stone. besides, the design of this building is indeed very unique, it resembles a cross symbol when viewed from above. This church is very old, which was built about a thousand years ago so it is a historic church building. This church is located in the City of Lalibelia. The city of Lalibelia is the most sacred city in Ethiopia. Lots of sacred buildings that crowded the city so it is a sacred place that must be kept purity.

3. Extreme Horror Tour (Feeding Hyena Wild)

Extreme Horror Tour (Feeding Hyena Wild)This horror is the country that once dominated by Muslims. In this horror, there are many ancient buildings of the rest of Islamic culture built in the 16th century AD. Mosques standing in this area are estimated at about 99 pieces. The region also pops up Hyena (a wild and cunning wolf-like animal), especially at night. but who would have thought, that Hyena in this place was not as wide as Hyena in general? Even the Ethiopian government makes this place as an extreme tour. For those of you who are challenged to feed the Hyena directly by feeding into his mouth, this is the place

4. Big Rift Valley

Rift Valley GreatRift Valley is a very large basin, and also beautiful. There are so many hot springs in this valley. In addition to the hot springs, this valley also has lakes inhabited by crocodiles and hippopotamus. If you are not afraid and feel challenged, you can enter this lake. This valley is perfect for wild gamekeepers a suitable place for backpackers. Here you can explore and also enjoy the wildlife and typical African animals. If you come here, you have to be careful with the wildness he has. This is because sometimes the wildness can be deadly.

5. Blue Nile waterfall

Blue Nile Waterfalls ...Blue Nile Waterfall is the largest waterfall in Ethiopia. This place is one destination you should never miss when visiting Ethiopia. Falls that fall here are not as blue as most, but the water is brown. And if drought, then the falling water will be clean white, so beautiful. This waterfall has a length of about 400 meters, and its depth reaches 45 meters. Like most waterfalls, to reach this waterfall takes a lot of extra energy. But anyone sure will give up because it will be paid off with the stunning beauty of this waterfall.

6. Easy Ghebbi

Easy GhebbiFasil Ghebbi is a 17th-century ancient city once used by Ethiopian King Fasilides and his children. The city is surrounded by walls with a total length of 900 meters. The purpose of this city is because the king wants the safest place to rest after the fatigue of governing Ethiopia. The city contains the king's palaces, churches, monasteries, and various unique buildings influenced by the Hindu-Islamic style. Those are some of the tourist attractions in Ethiopia. Many of Ethiopia's best tourist destinations worth visiting and exploring include the Semien National Park, the Little Village Negahs, the Arthur Rimbaud House, the Erte Ale Volcanic Crater, as well as the Ethiopian Autodox Church. So who says if come to Africa there is nothing interesting? Ethiopia has such a magnificent place.

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