12 Best Places to Visit in California

Vacationing in America is not enough for just 1 week, as there are too many cities and destinations that you must explore while in California. So, when you have a long time off work or just want to quit the daily routine. We recommend that you decide California, Uncle Sam State to be one of your tourist destinations. California is a State located on the west coast of the United States. The country has the largest number of inhabitants in the United States, and California is a nation of diverse ethnicities. That's why California has the official nickname as The Golden State. California became the dominant driver of American culture as well as the state economy. The country has the largest and most attractive cities in the US, Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco. California has beautiful natural landscapes featuring vast central valleys, tall mountains, hot deserts, and hundreds of beautiful coastal miles. With an area of 410,000 sq km, this is why California is the largest state in the United States. With the beauty of California, you should make this country your destination. Articles Some of the places you should visit while in California:

1. Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge Bridge is a suspension bridge along the Golden Gate. This bridge is enabled to connect the city of San Francisco, California on the peninsula of San Francisco and Mari County, California. Golden Gate Bridge has a length of about 2727 m. Just like any other historical building, the Golden Gate Bridge is the work of Joseph Strauss. Since its completion in 1937 (for 37 years), this bridge is crowned as the longest bridge in the world. In accordance with the meaning of the Golden Gate Bridge which means the Golden Door. This bridge is very famous all over the world. According to Frommer's Travel Guide, the Golden Gate Bridge is the longest suspension bridge in the world, and the most beautiful bridge and the most widely photographed throughout the universe. American Society of Civil Engineers, this bridge is claimed to be one of the best examples in bridge engineering, whether aesthetically or exquisitely as well as its structural design. Generally, tourists who come to this place will be dropped near the bottom of the bridge near Toll Plaza. From here the tourists can gaze at the Golden Gate Bridge up close.

2. Golden Gate Park

Golden Gate Park offers unlimited beauty offers for recreational visitors and locals. This place has 1000 hectares of gardens, grasslands, lakes, golf, archery, and there are art and science museum that has been recognized internationally. The construction of the Golden Gate Park is to attract residents in developing the region. Golden Gate Park is home to ten lakes, this place one of the most popular places to visit. Many activities you can do in this place. Each year this park arrives over 13 million visitors. Not wonder because in this place you will see a lot of tourist attractions that you will get. Starting from De Young Museum, Japanese Tea Garden garden, and conservation area. The management provides a variety of spots for you to visit. Not only that you can feel a picnic under a very beautiful meadow tree, or you can along the beautiful Lake Stow. So do not just visit the famous Golden Gate bridge. You must make this place one of your travel destinations while in California.

3. Fisherman’s Wharf, Ghirardelli Square & Aquatic Park

Fisherman's Wharf, Ghirardelli Square & Aquatic Park has been a growing company of the San Francisco fishery industry. In this place, you can see the fishing boats at the Wharf wharf. In addition, you can enjoy the old sea adjacent to Hyde Street Pier, where this place as a place of historic boat docking, in this place you can visit the Maritime Museum. In this place has many tourist attractions that can be visited by the tourists, including the Aquarium of The Bay, street magic show, The Rocket Ship, Restaurant, souvenir shop, and various amusement rides for children. For those of you who intend to visit Fisherman's Wharf, Ghirardelli Square & Aquatic Park, it is advisable to come at night because this place is nice to enjoy for a walk at night.

4. Natural Bridges

When you plan on visiting Natural Bridges, do not forget you should wear comfortable sports shoes. Because you have to walk far enough to reach a natural bridge that has a cave-like shape on top of Coyote Creek. This bridge is not just one, but there is more than one bridge or cave at the end of this hiking path, and all have no different beauty. If you want to explore further up to the end of the cave, you must prepare a swimsuit because you have to plunge into the river. But you do not have to worry about the river that is in the Natural Bridges has no inside that can drown your body.

5. Yosemite National Park

This place is in northern California, this national park not only attracts international tourists. However, domestic tourists from various other states in the United States also visited this place. When you get to this place, be amazed to see the various splendors of nature created in this park. You can see the huge rocks of El Capitan, the gorgeous valley of Yosemite Valley formed by glaciers thousands of years ago, and the Yosemite Falls waterfall which reaches 435 meters.

6. Napa Valley

Are you a person who loves wine? Well, Napa Valley is one of the places you should visit while in California. Napa Valley is a Napa Valley located in the coastal area of California that produces fine wines. Napa Valley has been identified as the largest wine producer for consumers worldwide. This place is suitable for cultivating various varieties of wine, one of which is Cabernet Sauvignon which is recognized as the king of red wine in Napa Valley. Explore the wineries while sipping and have a moment to stop at one of the wineries to just enjoy the wine tasting. When tiredness comes, do not worry in Napa Valley you can enjoy a relaxing massage session at one of the many spas here. If you want to enjoy the experience, unforgettable you must take a trip with a hot air balloon to see the view of the valley from a height.

7. Pismo Beach

It's not a complete holiday in California if you have not spent time on the beach. Of the many beaches along the west coast of America, it is rather difficult to find a deserted beach because the west coast of America is like a lonely visitor. Pismo Beach is located south of Paso Robles, this area not only presents a number of beautiful small beaches, but in Pismo Beach, there are parks, nature conservation, and wineries that are not less beautiful than Napa Valley. If you want to stay at Pismo Beach, do not worry about accommodation because there are many inns from hotels to luxury resorts that all offer sea views.

8. San Diego 

San Diego is a coastal city in Southern California located in the southwest corner of mainland United States. Not only Pismo Beach, California has a wide selection of beaches. If you claim to be a beach lover, San Diego must be on your vacation list while in California. Not only are the many beautiful beaches you can visit, this border city of Mexico also has a major zoo in America, the San Diego Zoo in Balboa Park. And no less popular is the San Diego Sea World which not only has complete marine animals, but there are many exciting rides that you can try.

9. Lake Tahoe

A large lake halfway across California and half in Nevada is an ideal holiday destination worth visiting in various seasons. Many activities you can do in this place, such as swimming, sailing by boat like kayak or just sunbathing while enjoying the clear water lake, cycling or hiking into a popular activity that you can do in the summer. While when you visit this place during the winter, Lake Tahoe usually filled by ski lovers, sledding, and sleigh riding. In this area, referred to as Tahoe, there are a number of places to ski and open recreation in the summer. This lake is the second deepest lake in the United States. Although most of Lake Tahoe's circles are highways within close proximity so that the edge of the lake can be seen clearly. The Lake Tahoe Basin was formed by a fracture of geologic clusters some 2 to 3 million years ago.

10. Knott’s Berry Farm

Knott's Berry Farm is one of the oldest amusement parks located in Buena Park, California, United States. This amusement park is famous for having a rides game that is classic and interesting to try. The rides offered at Knott's Berry Farm are 40 game rides that can test your adrenaline. Among them are a roller coaster, play water defense, and other rides. Like other playgrounds, Knott's Berry Farm has a slogan  "American theme park".

11. Santa Catalina

Santa Catalina Island is a very beautiful little island. To get to this place you are required to use the ferry. On this island, you will not see a private car passing by. Vehicles are allowed on this island, only bicycles, taxis, and golf cart policy is taken because the island of Santa Catalina is small. Because the island is small, a  day trip is enough to explore the island. The activities you can do on the island include swimming, sunbathing, fishing, or even diving. If you intend to spend the night on the island, camping becomes one of the popular options on the island.

12. Death Valley

We advise you to visit this place in winter or spring because you do not have to bother to fight the heat while walking through the beauty of this Death Valley. When you are in this place, you will feel in the middle of a vast expanse of sand and unlimited. When you plan to come to this place, we suggest you take a tour to see the remains of the dead city, which will make your hair stand up. We recommend when you make California a vacation destination. You better prepare travel bags and backpack, to load all the needs while you are in California in order to facilitate you move the destination. Also :

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