Bali Tourism Advantages Recognized by the World

Bali Tourism Advantages Recognized by the World -Bali is a popular tourist attraction in Indonesia. a lot of tourists who come to this island, both those who are foreign tourists and local tourists. Lots of tourist attractions in Bali that can make us mesmerized with various kinds of beauty. So, not surprisingly, this place became one of the most hunted locations. It can even be said that in terms of popularity of tourist attractions, Bali is included into the best tourist attractions in Indonesia. There are so many advantages Bali tours. The advantages that make Bali as a paradise of tourist attractions in Indonesia. This time we will discuss the advantages of Bali tourism as a whole. The advantages possessed by Bali making it a very worthy tourist spot for and should be visited. Perhaps, some of you already know about Bali and its beauty. This time there are some advantages Bali tour you should know. As

1. Tourism Destination in Bali

Bedugul Bali does save a lot of tourist destinations that will certainly make us confused to make choices. We can find various kinds of tourist attractions here. Starting from the beauty of the beach and the underwater to the scenery of the mountains that would be very amazing. Tourist attractions contained in Bali is not limited to natural attractions only. However, we can also enjoy a variety of cultural attractions in Bali. Take examples of Kecak Dance performance, or Balinese worship activities contained in Pura-Pura in the area of Bali. We can visit Pura Besakih not far from Bedugul Lake, or we could visit Tanah Lot Temple while enjoying the waves there. Bali can indeed spoil the tourists who visit with various kinds of beauty and diversity of attractions that we will not be able to ignore. If we visit Bali and only glued to one type of tourist location then it will be very unfortunate. Try to come to Bali and explore every tourist spots on the island. Each area contained in Bali can be said is a tourist destination. So do not be surprised if Bali is sometimes referred to as the island of the gods, because of its natural beauty.

2. Culture and Tradition of Bali

Besakih Temple - Bali is still upholding the cultural element that is so thick. We can still see the thick elements of culture and traditions that are still preserved in everyday life. The life flows of Balinese society seem to be greatly influenced and deeply maintain the authenticity of every tradition. Although, it has become a tourist attraction that is not only limited to Indonesia alone. But, Bali still maintains the authenticity of its tradition in every facet and joint of life. This is one of the reasons why Bali became one of the world-class tourist attractions. As for where some cultural attractions in Yogyakarta, then we can also find various cultural attractions in Bali. Variety of cultural tourism itself is very many kinds, not only fixated on a building or the like. Take the example of one of the tourist sites in Bali is quite famous are some kinds of temples, such as Pura Besakih, Tanah Lot Temple, besides there is also Tapak Siring Palace, then Forest Tourism Sangeh also sanctioned by the people of Bali. In addition to the form of buildings and places, preservation of culture and traditions that exist in Bali can also be found in various types of traditional performances of dance. Lots of tourist spots that show traditional Balinese dance. In addition to serving as a promotional land, this can also serve as a training ground for the younger generation.

3. Residential Hospitality

The people of Bali are very famous for its hospitality. They can welcome and receive the arrival of the tourists who visit and enjoy the beauty of Bali. This can be proved there are some tourist villages in Bali that we can visit. If visiting these villages then we will be able to feel the atmosphere is so friendly and friendly welcome from the inhabitants of Bali. They no longer distinguish us who come as tourists with locals in Bali. They still receive us with smiles and hospitality that we will never forget. The people of Bali themselves will not hesitate to provide assistance to every tourist who comes to visit. They will help us as well as possible and certainly stick with a pleasant smile. In fact, the hospitality of the people of Bali is called one of the most friendly people in Indonesia. It can be said that the hospitality of the residents of Bali takes an important role in the success and development of the tourism world located on the island of Bali. This is because, if the public can not show hospitality to the tourists who come to visit, it is certain that their visit will be stopped and the development of tourism will stop too. The friendliness of the Balinese community itself is closely related to beliefs and traditions. The people of Bali are one of the people who have a high level of spirituality in Indonesia. In addition, it is also closely related to the guarding tradition that is still very thick on the island of Bali. A tradition of helping each other and mutual respect.

4. Bali's Natural Beauty

Bali is indeed an island of much in bounty with its natural beauty. We can find a variety of incredible natural scenery on this island. we explore a variety of beaches that exist in Bali, such as dreamland beach, Batu Belig Beach, Lake Batur Kintamani which will be very interesting. In addition, we can also enjoy the beauty and majesty of Mount Agung contained in Bali. Although, this mountain had erupted a few years ago. But the beauty and majesty of Mount Agung itself are still very we must calculate as one of the existing tourist sites in Bali. In addition, the view of Mount and Beach in Bali we can also enjoy the scenery of other natural attractions that are not less interesting. we can see the vast expanse of rice fields in every corner of the city. The scenery of rice paddies and rural life is one of its own selling points that is very glorified by Bali. That was some of the advantages of tourism in Bali which makes Bali become one of the favorite tourist destinations. However, in addition to the reasons mentioned above, there are still some other reasons, such as
  1. Bali is a relatively cheap tourist spot
  2. The number of adventures that can be done in Bali
  3. The abundance of shopping in Bali that the city can find
  4. Bali is a tourist location that can be enjoyed by everyone from various groups
  5. Completeness of facilities are very helpful for tourists
  6. Ease of visiting permit for foreign tourists
Well, that was some of the advantages of tourism in Bali that makes the island a very attractive tourist location. If we visit Bali, then there will be no sense of disappointment that there is less sensitive and curious to return. Hopefully, the information was useful. Read Also :

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