10 Best Places to Visit in Singapore

10 Best Places to Visit in Singapore - The more diverse tourism alternatives. With affordable costs due to technological advances and competitive factors, we can enjoy more efficient and enjoyable travel.

Do not be surprised if sometimes there are people who get tickets promo zero plane Rupiah to reach places relatively far away. Not just a domestic tour, tours to foreign countries such as Singapore and Malaysia became the choice of many alternative tourism because it was not as expensive as before.

Destinations Places of Interest in Singapore

Speaking of Singapore, this country is relatively close to us and is often a visiting destination, for holidays and study purposes. Well, if we have a vacation opportunity there, where are the sights in Singapore are interesting?

1. Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay
Likes with the beauty of nature? Although Singapore is known to have a narrow land, but that does not mean this country has no natural charm. Visit the Gardens by the Bay which is located on the shores of Marina Bay. This park will amaze the tourists who had only thought of Singapore as a 'technology country'.

There are several different areas that are divided into specific categories. Suppose there are Dahlia Dreams Floral Display, Flower Dome, Cloud Forest Dome, OCBC Skyway, Super Tree - a landmark of Singapore, to Children's Playground facilities that are not subject to retribution fees.

Interested to visit this place? Please prepare a retainer fee of S $ 28 per person for the adult category or S $ 13 per person for the children category. Given the relatively long entry queue, it will be more helpful when you buy it via online.

2. Jurong Bird Park

Jurong Bird Park
One more tourist alternative that must be visited when in Singapore. Is Jurong Bird Park which is a bird park inhabited by hundreds of species of birds and presenting the show or attraction of these funny animals. As the name implies, this bird park is located in Jurong and is managed by Wildlife Reverse SIngapore. The area of ​​Jurong Bird Park itself is known to range from 0.2 hectares.

What can be done when visiting here? In addition to watching the attractions that became the main treat, visitors are allowed to interact with these animals by feeding them or just peeping into the lives of park dwellers from those who have just hatched up to the play on the entertainment stage. If you do not want to miss a new event opportunity to be shown, visitors can stay in the area of ​​the inn provided by the manager.

3. Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore
Not afdol if set foot in Singapore but never been to Universal Studios Singapore. This place is even a mandatory visit almost all tourists who come to the Land of the Lion. USS is a theme park located on Sentosa Island, Singapore.

There are 24 attractions with 7 themed places on the USS that attract visitors. Some areas are divided into different zones, including the Hollywood Zone, New York Zone, Ancient Egyptian Zone, The Lost World Zone, Madagascar Zone, and Far Far Away Zone.

There are quite a number of game rides provided by the managers here. Among the many rides, which often become the favorite game rides are Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase, Transformer the Ride 3D, Battlerstar Galactiva Roller Coaster Rides, Revenge of the Mummy, to Jurassic Park Rapid Adventure.

4. Orchard Road

Orchard Road
Just a road, what's so special? Although only known as a street, but in fact Orchard Road never deserted visitors, especially tourists who come to vacation in Singapore. This is the central region of Singapore's economy. The easy language, Orchard Road is a shopping area in Singapore. Do not be surprised if from end to end you can only find towering tall buildings that offer a variety of products.

Known as a favorite shopping location, the local government enforces the Goods And Service Tax Refund rule. The program will enforce tax refunds and the provision of special services intended for non-Singaporean consumers with a massive 7% of the total purchase price.

Orchard Road is also known as one of the public space that is convenient for residents and tourists. Its wide sidewalks with common garden chair facilities and some pretty instagramable spots. Looks some ice cut traders who are ready to serve consumers who need a touch of soft ice cream. Yummy!

5. Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo
The next tourist alternative is Singapore Zoo. This is one of the best zoos. With its diverse inhabitants - about 300 species - and well maintained, ensures visitors can enjoy the beautiful zoo atmosphere.

The size of the zoo is quite extensive considering the large number of enclosures that are destined for different types of large animals. So, to be able to enjoy the streets of the Singapore Zoo, make sure you wear casual clothes and comfortable shoes. In this zoo you can see some animals that are classified as rarely treated in zoos in Indonesia such as Polar Bear, Wolverine, Hamadryas Baboon, until Giant Tortoise.

Not just can see the lives of animals treated, visitors will be spoiled also by the show of animals that are deliberately trained to provide entertainment. There are at least 4 types of shows in this Singapore Zoo, namely Rainforest Fights Back, Elephants at Work and Play, Splash Safari, to Animal Friends Show.

6. Marina Bay Sands Skypark

Marina Bay Sands Skypark
Is one of the favorite objects located in Marina Bay. This place is a unique masterpiece of Moshe Safdie that stretches over three hotel towers at once!

This location can accommodate up to 3,900 people at once and let them enjoy the view of Singapore from the sky. Sands SkyPark is not just a regular landmark because it also comes with a garden for hundreds of species of flora consisting of trees and plants. Not only that, the luxurious lounge and restaurant facilities are also provided here as special privileges for exclusive guests.

For visitors who are registered as Marina Bay Sands Hotel guests, they are not charged a fee to enter this place. However, if you do not stay there but still want to visit Sand SkyPark, you will be charged a retirement fee of S $ 23 per person for adults and S $ 17 per person for children.

7. Singapore Flyer

Singapore Flyer
One more tourist destination in Singapore that should not be missed, Singapore Flyer! The rides as well as the charms of Singapore which is claimed to be the largest in Asia can be regarded as the London Eye Asian version. With a height of 165 meters, suitable as a spot to enjoy the views of Singapore. Singapore Flyer itself is known to accommodate people who are grouped in 28 Capsule space.

Not just the Singapore Flyer you must visit. Around this tourist site there are also some other tourist sites such as Yakult Rainforest known as man-made rain forests located in the middle of the city. Not just enjoy the beauty, visitors can also shop and enjoy food peddled around the location of the Singapore Flyer.

To enjoy the tour at this location, visitors are charged a fee of S $ 29.50 per person for categories above 60 years old, $ 23.60 per person for adults (under 60 years), and S $ 20.65 per person for children aged 3 to 12 year.

8. Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island
Sentosa Island or Sentosa Island so the location is often used as tourist destinations. Several landmarks and famous tourist destinations in Singapore are also located on this island. Here you can visit some famous spots such as Imbiah Lookout or Siloso Point.

Although Singapore is famous as a country that is quite expensive, still there are some tourist spots are relatively frugal for the traveler. Some of these spots are even located in Sentosa Island kawasaan. One of them is the Universal Studio Singapore Bola located at the front entrance of the USS. In addition, you can also visit the Lake of Dream and Sea Aquarium. Merlion Walk is also a cost-effective holiday spot in Singapore and this could be proof you've been to Singapore.

9. Singapore Botanic Gardens

Singapore Botanic Gardens
Why is the Singapore Botanic Gardens included in the list of Singapore tourist recommendations you should not miss?

This place is an area for the cultivation of important crops given the predicate Veri Important Plants or VIP. You can also selfie with Tembusu, a landmark of the most famous tree in Singapore. This tree is an original tree that has entered the age of 157 years as well as a favorite place to do pre-wedding photo session.

Not only as a recreational destination, to date the Singapore Botanic Gardens are also often used as a general activity area such as jogging, dining, or even just relaxing with family. Need more entertainment? The management also provides interactive features and multimedia exhibits that can be enjoyed. Or just let the children play in the Jacob Ballas Children park area while they learn about the diversity of fauna here.

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10. Waterfront Promenade

Waterfront Promenade
The last tourist recommendation in Singapore is the Waterfront Promenade. Again, its location is in Marina Bay. This place is known as a show area that does not charge from visitors and its audience. It is suitable recommended for travelers with a mediocre budget but want the same cool entertainment.

Usually this place will be crowded visited at night when the colored lights are lit as a form of attraction of laser light and water media. This is the main attraction of Waterfront Promenade itself.

Around the Waterfront Promenade there are several tourist areas that can also be visited, such as Esplanade Theaters on the Bay, Lim Bo Seng Memorial, Bumboat River Tour, Indian National Army Monument, Cenotaph, Museum of Asian Civilization, and even the Singapore Mass Rapid Transit.

That's the recommendation of 10 tourist attractions in Singapore that you should not miss. As a suggestion, to be able to enjoy all these alternative tours, you'll want to prepare ahead of time including accommodation tickets (travel and lodging) as well as a fit physical condition. Does not it make a holiday sick?

Well, that's a list of recommendation sights in Singapore for you visit the Which tourist attractions appeal to you most? Share Please!

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