10 Best Places to Visit In New Zealand

10 Best Places to Visit In New ZealandAttractive New Zealand is an archipelago country located in the southeast of Australia. Sometimes many people mistakenly think that New Zealand is part of Australia or not. In fact, these two countries are different. In fact, the flags of both countries are different, although at first glance the flags of Australia and New Zealand look the same.  Are you interested in visiting New Zealand? Tourist attractions in New Zealand are not less interesting with other countries, you know. Curious? Let's take a look at the tourist attractions that must be visited when you are on holiday in New Zealand.

1. Queenstown New Zealand

Queenstown is a tourist spot in New Zealand that is a must-have tourist destination for tourists. This is a tourist town in Otago. The city was built around Lake Wakatipu as well as being at the foot of the mountains. So, the air in Queenstown is very cold. When visiting Queenstown, do not forget to ride the Skyline Gondola that will take you to enjoy the views of Queenstown and Lake Wakatipu from a height. If you visit Queenstown in the winter, you can ski or snowboard on the mountain slopes that surround this city. 

2. Hobbiton New Zealand

Hobbiton You must have seen The Hobbit, have not you? Well, you certainly are familiar with hobbit house. Yes, the hobbit house is in The Shire, Matama, North Island, New Zealand. Not only the house alone, the hills and mountains in this Hobbiton area just like in the movie.  This is one of the attractions that you must visit when in New Zealand. Being in Hobbiton makes you feel like you are in a land of dreams. Hobbiton is also the location of the actual filming The Hobbit. 

3. Fiordland National Park

Fiordland National Park The New Zealand Society claims Fiordland National Park as the most dramatic place in New Zealand. This area has a glacier that is naturally carved and has existed since 100 thousand years ago. One of the glaciers that enter the world heritage site is Milford Sound.  There are several ways you can enjoy the beauty of Fiordland, ie through a scenic flight to enjoy the beauty of the waterfall and Alpine Lake from a height, cruise ship to enjoy the beauty of Milford Sound and Doubtful Sound more closely, and dive at Milford Sound. 

4. Pukaki Lake

Pukaki Lake This one lake is not just an ordinary lake. You will not find a lake like this in Indonesia. Yes, Pukaki Lake is a stunning tourist destination in New Zealand. How not, the lake water is light blue. From this lake, you can enjoy the scenery is very fascinating, the peak of Mountain Cook is shrouded by snow.  The main attraction of Pukaki Lake is, of course, the color of the water as blue as the sky. In addition, the quiet atmosphere around the lake makes us comfortable to relax by the lake for a long time. 

5. Mount Victoria Lookout

Mount Victoria Lookout Still discussing the existing tourist attractions in New Zealand are used as the location of the filming of The Lord of The Rings. This time, we will take you to visit Mount Victoria Lookout, where you can visit the hill that was once the location of the shooting when the scene of Frodo Baggins hide from the Black Riders. Mount Victoria Lookout area in the form of hills that are very beautiful. Lots of shade trees that grow here, so the atmosphere here feels cool and very calm. 

6. Tekapo Lake

Tekapo Lake No less beautiful with Pukaki Lake, you can drive from Christchurch to get to a very fascinating lake, the Tekapo Lake. This lake also has blue water. However, Tekapo Lake presents a different view of Pukaki Lake. From this lake, you will be amazed by the spectacular views of the Southern Alps that appear to be dotted with snow.  In addition, there are objects that are not less beautiful with a view of the Southern Alps, namely Lupine Flower. A glimpse of this purple flower appears exactly with Lavender. Relaxing at Tekapo Lake is a great choice after you have been strolling around New Zealand for the past few days. 

7. Pohutu Geyser

Pohutu Geyser There is unique to this one tourist attraction. Yes, is Pohutu Geyser which is a tourist place in New Zealand that makes us realize the greatness of God Almighty. The reason, Pohutu Geyser is a source of natural hot springs of earth that can reach 30 meters high. However, the thing that makes Pohutu Geyser look special is that the river water under this geyser is very cold, even as cold as ice water. In fact, river water is also derived from the hot springs from the geyser. In fact, because the water of the river below Pohutu Geyser is very cold, so many ducks swarm in this river. What a miracle of God! 

8. Bay of Islands

Bay of Islands If you are including tourists who are very fond of visiting the beach, then it is compulsory to visit the Bay of Islands when you are in New Zealand. Bay of Islands consists of 144 islands lined neatly. You certainly can guess that here you can find many bays and beaches.  You will definitely be dizzy when you have to choose one beach as a tourist destination when in the Bay of Islands. The underwater natural beauty beneath the Bay of Islands is also quite breathtaking. 

9. Kaikoura

Kaikoura Next there is a town on the east coast of South Island New Zealand named Kaikoura. There are many activities you can do in Kaikoura, from spa or massage, snorkeling, diving, fishing, trekking, and the most interesting is the sightseeing dolphins. Yes, if in Bali you can see the dolphins up close while at Lovina Beach, in this Kaikoura you not only can see the dolphins but also whales and seabirds up close. There are ships that will bring tourists to see the species of marine animals closely.  Read Also :

10. Mountain Cook

Mountain Cook Want to visit the highest mountain in New Zealand? Just visit Mountain Cook which is 3,724 meters high. Mountain Cook is located in the Southern Alps that is indeed across the South Island, New Zealand. The snow-covered mountains look very beautiful from near or far. If you are not interested in climbing the mountain, there are trekking tracks available on this mountain. Beautiful scenery in Mountain Cook can make moods better. Well, that's a list of recommendation sights in New Zealand for you visit the yourdestinations.net. Which tourist attractions appeal to you most? Share Please!

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