10 Best Places to Visit in London

10 Best Places to Visit in London - Some time ago, we had to discuss the sights in Paris that must be visited if you are in the city of the symbol of love. However, this time Bacaterus wants to take you to London, the metropolitan city which is the capital of England. The charm of London is not inferior to the City of Paris that offers a vintage- themed romance.  Planning to take a walk in London but not yet know the most favorite sights in London? We have summarized 10 tourist attractions that become a favorite of tourists when visiting London. Check out the full review below. 10 Most Favorite Places in London 

1. Big Ben London

Your journey in London is not complete yet if you do not visit Big Ben. This is a tourist spot in London which is a landmark of London community pride. The 96-meter-high clock tower is in Westminster Palace, London, United Kingdom. The charm of the gothic- style clock tower is indeed so great. Lots of tourists who want to take pictures with Big Ben's back screen whether it's day and night. No wonder if the Big Ben area is always crowded to visit. Moreover, the location itself is also quite strategic from the reach of the tourists. 

2. London Eye 

One more tourist attraction that is able to attract the attention of tourists who come to London, the London Eye. As the name implies, this giant windmill looks like a big, awesome eye. From the windmill, we can enjoy the views of London and the Thames River from a height. The romantic atmosphere can be obtained directly when you ride to London Eye at night. Both windmills and trees around the London Eye appear to be decorated with lights that make it look more beautiful and beautiful. 

3. National History Museum 

Visiting the museum is not too boring if the museum you choose is National History. This is the most famous and complete museum in London. As in this nasty, there are 70 specimens that are on display here. Not only that, a collection of items from famous personalities, such as Charles Darwin, Captain Cook, and Joseph Bank are also on display at the National History Museum. Uniquely, here we can see the extinct animal skeletons, such as bamboo whales or dinosaur fossils. The museum also looks very clean and spacious so it makes visitors who come to feel very comfortable. 

4. Buckingham Palace London

From a number of tourist attractions in London that are a tourist favorite, Buckingham Palace is also included in London's most visited tourist list. This is the official residence of the Queen of England. The palace guards here also appear to be wearing red-colored troop costumes complete with elliptical and feathered caps. Every now and then, Buckingham Palace always holds several events. As tourists, we can watch shows made by Buckingham Palace from outside the fence. Although not in the palace, at least you've taken pictures with the background of this famous Buckingham Palace. However, this place also opens special tours for tourists who want to see the inside of this palace. 

5. Tower Bridge London

In addition to Big Ben, it turns out Tower Bridge is also a favorite tourist spot while in London. The bridge with a touch of gothic architecture appears to stand firmly splitting the River Thames. You can enjoy the views of London City on the banks of the River Thames through this one bridge. What makes Tower Bridge more interesting is that there are two towers on this bridge that are linked to a special corridor for pedestrians. So when you visit the bridge that is also the landmark of the this City of London, you do not need to bring the vehicle to enjoy the beauty of London from near.  6. Windsor Castle London
There are several castles in London, but the most famous is the Windsor Castle. Investigate a calibration, turns this palace into a second favorite place for the Queen of England to receive important guests in addition to the Buckingham Palace. There are about 500 people living in this Windsor Castle as a worker or royal relative. Want to go in and look at Windsor Castle? Of course, I can. Just like Buckingham Palace, tourists can also take a tour of this castle. Inside there is also a souvenir shop selling Windsor Castle trinkets. 

7. Tower of London 

Who would have thought if this magnificent building used to be a former prison? However, the sights in London is far from the impression of haunted and frightening. There is a sad story that happened in this Tower of London, where Henry VIII sentenced to death for his two wives, Anne Boleyn (1536) and Katharine Howard (1542). Currently, the Tower of London opened as a public museum. Tourists can enter here to see a crown with 23,578 gems. If in London, you must come here to take pictures of buildings that are over 5 century. 

8. Madame Tussauds London

Want to take pictures with complete personnel One Direction? Or maybe want to pose with the Queen of England? You can take pictures with these famous figures in Madame Tussauds London. Museum wax sculpture is indeed displaying a variety of wax statues of famous figures. The statue displayed here looks very similar to the original figure. Although Madame Tussauds museum is in some other countries, including Thailand, arguably a collection of statues in Madame Tussauds London more complete.  9. Victoria and Albert Museum
Art lovers will definitely not miss a visit to the art museums in every country he visits. In London, you have to visit the Victoria and Albert Museum. This is an art museum that is quite famous among tourists. There are paintings, jewelry, and sculptures that are already thousands of years old in the Victoria and Albert Museum. What makes one of the best art museums in the world is visited by tourists is no admission in this museum. That is, we can get into this museum for free without being charged a dime. 

10. Kensington Palace 

One more historic palace that became destination the tourists who visit London, namely Kensington Palace. Princess Diana once lived in a magnificent palace that has such a beautiful garden. If formerly Kensington Palace became a private residence of the royal family, now the building is opened to tourists in general. Its clean and well-kept garden has always been a favorite place for tourists who want to take pictures or relax. Do not forget to visit the palace that was built in the 16th century if you are in London.
Well, that's the list of attractions in London that must be visited the version of Yourdestinations.net. Which tourist attractions will you visit? Share Please!

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