Yumbilla Falls

Yumbilla Falls - Yumbilla waterfall is a waterfall that has a high 870 meters in Peru, the beauty of yumbilla makes many tourists who come in Peru. Yumbilla Falls in the Amazon Jungle Region, Peru Yumbilla Falls are located in Cuispes Peru, Amazon Region. This waterfall is the fifth highest in the world is located in the extraordinary depths of the forest. This tiered waterfall has 4 to 5 drops, this means that the amount of the decline is divided into four different steps. 


The Yumbilla Falls were internationally recognized by the end of 2007, when reports from researchers from Peru National Geographic Institute were published in national newspapers as well as in the international media. But the locals know very well about this waterfall. The word "Yumbillo" comes from the Quechua language and, reportedly, means "the heart of love". One of the waterfalls actually has a shape that resembles the heart.

Yumbilla Falls Data

Address: South America, Peru, Amazon Area, BongarĂ¡ Province, 70 km north of Chachapoyas, 9 km north-east from Pedcro Ruiz. Name in Spanish: La Catarata de Yumbilla Altitude: - 895.5 m - measured by laser equipment by researchers from the National Geographic Institute. Width: 8 m Stream: Yumbilla Yumbilla waterfall is also one of the highest waterfall in the World  precisely located in the fifth position. This makes a special attraction for tourists who visit the best tourist attractions in Peru. But the lack of waterfall is the least flow of water that falls, so the view of the waterfall is not so felt.


Yumbilla FallsArticle NameYumbilla Falls DescriptionYumbilla waterfall located in Peru and has a height that makes it one of the highest waterfall in the world. AuthorSutiono Shark

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