6 Honeymoon Tours in Bali are Romantic

6 Honeymoon Tours in Bali are Romantic - Bali is an endless journey to explore and there is no boredom to enjoy. There is a proverb in Indonesia paradise one of them in Bali may be the right thing with the number of honeymoon tours in Bali. 

Bali stunning with the natural beauty ranging from beach to mountain, the culture is not the less interesting culture of the society is so unique into a power that attracts foreign and domestic tourists to visit the island of the Gods. There are so many places you can spend your holiday in Bali with your beloved partner.
Here are the destinations for you and your spouse while in Bali are as follows,

1. The Royal Pita Maha Resort

The Royal Pita Maha Resort is a private villa located in Ubud area. The uniqueness of this villa with deluxe pool villa design becomes one of the most popular villas for honeymoon tours in Bali and privately designed as rustic in Bali which adds to the comfort.
The resort also features a private pool with views of the green and beautiful Ayung River valley. Its location which is in the middle of the hilly area of Ubud, make The Royal Pita Maha feels so calm and comfortable for an atmosphere that wants to enjoy vacation and also honeymoon.

Ubud which has been famous in Bali since the beginning is as if the most appropriate place to enjoy a romantic moment together with the couple and The Royal Pita Maha offers an unforgettable romantic experience when you vacation together. In addition, you can also explore Ubud with your partner to enjoy the village of Ubud along with the natural beauty of the countryside.

2. Jimbaran Cafe Bali Restaurant

Jimbaran is also a place that has been known for a long time does have a romantic atmosphere in Bali. It is suitable for newly married couples to spend honeymoon tours in Bali with dinner together with sea view at night at Jimbaran Beach. Many restaurants and cafes are available in Jimbaran area which you can choose to visit. You can also have dinner together with a romantic decoration for the beginning of the wedding.

With the area close to the beach then the typical food restaurant in Jimbaran will be serving cuisine from the sea. Special Jimbaran area with fresh and delicious seafood dishes with extra beach view. In addition to seafood, there are many other dishes in the region. The place that has also been visited by the former president of USA is Obama will be crowded at night with many young people and couples and families.

3. Biu Biu Resort and Spa

Biu-Biu Resort and Spa is a location that you can visit also to rest enjoy the atmosphere of Bali as a resting place after enjoying Bali. The location of this resort is precisely located on the road Balangan Beach, Jimbaran, South Kuta, Bali and adjacent to the beach location Balangan. If you go directly to the location of the airport Ngurah Rai Airport then not far because about 30 minutes and 20 minutes from Pura Uluwatu when riding their own vehicle. The scenery is guaranteed to make you amazed and amazed.

In addition to this resort has an international standard cafe that sells foreign food with additional wine menu to enjoy the romantic atmosphere. In this bar, you can also see the beautiful scenery that you will be fascinated with the view of the rock from the edge of the cliff that will add vibrant beauty for a romantic atmosphere during the honeymoon.

4. Mount Campuhan Ubud

Ubud is a beautiful place in Bali, no wonder many suggest to the tourist attractions in Ubud for honeymoon tours in Bali. One of them you can visit Campuhan Hill Ubud. The hill is popular with natural beauty complete with green grass that is mediated by paths suitable for nature tourism and refreshing with couples. Campuhan Hill Ubud has become popular since a few years ago to spot to immortalize the moment of prewedding in Bali for couples who married in Bali.

Campuhan Hill or Campuhan Ridge Walk is one of the recommendations of cheap honeymoon in Bali because to visit this Bali tourist attraction, people do not have to pay dearly to just enjoy and capture the beautiful moments in Ubud. You can enjoy by sitting relaxed on the back of the Campuhan hill which gives a new atmosphere of natural nuances of green hills that are still natural and beautiful while enjoying the scenery you can also enjoy with cycling.

5. Botanical Garden Bedugul

When in Bogor there is a botanical garden is no less interesting to be explored also in the Bali area of Bali botanical garden or Bedugul Botanical Garden by the people of Bali itself because it is located in the mountainous area Bedugul with an altitude between 1250-1450 above sea level. With the atmosphere in the highlands then you can feel the sensation of cold at the time of day that is suitable for relaxing with couples while on tour in Bali. You can enjoy walking together in a comfortable natural atmosphere.

Bedugul botanical garden itself has a total area of 157.5 hectares, with temperatures during the day and night are quite comfortable to walk together. At the Bedugul botanical garden then you will enjoy the beauty and freshness of the air from the tourist area of the botanical garden as well as we can learn the usefulness of the plants as a tourist spot in Bali. In addition, you can enjoy the fresh tropical rain forest and enjoy the beauty and chirping of birds around this botanical garden.

6. Waterboom Bali

If you want to spend time honeymoon tour in Bali with a couple to swim then you can try waterboom Bali which is a popular water recreation rides in Bali. This relaxed and exciting tour can be enjoyed with your partner by swimming or trying to ride the adrenaline test. Joking, chatting while shouting together in this activity can increase your proximity when honeymooning in Bali.

The uniqueness is also about Waterboom Bali is also because the water park Waterbom is very different, the water was fresh and the skin does not feel dry because it uses sophisticated water sanitation techniques with chlorination of salt. If you stay in Kuta area, you only need to call a taxi or can also walk to Bali waterbom.

For you newly married couples then you can try the tourist attractions in Bali as honeymoon tour in Bali. Enjoy a cozy romantic atmosphere in Bali to carve out memories at the beginning of the wedding. Also while honeymoon you can explore the shopping tour in Bali or visiting the tourist village in Bali. Have a good vacation.

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