11 Honeymoon Places in Lombok are Romantic and Interesting

Lombok is a province that is worth to visit while on vacation. In addition to Bali, Lombok presents a variety of tourist destinations are very complete. Most are really beautiful natural attractions. No wonder many couples plan their honeymoon to Lombok. For you and couples who want to vacation there post-marriage, here are some honeymoon places in Lombok are recommended.

1. Gili Nanggu

One of the romantic places to visit when on vacation to Lombok with a partner is Gili Nanggu Lombok. Gili Nanggu is a small island located in West Lombok Regency. To get there only takes a journey for approximately 1 hour from Mataram. You do need to cross to get to Gili Nanggu. But to ride a boat and cross to it, the cost is very cheap. In Gili Nanggu, you and your partner can enjoy a romantic atmosphere accompanied by a stunning view. In addition, because this island is also a small island, then you and your partner can feel was on vacation on a private island. Especially if a vacation at a quiet time of visitors. The beautiful ocean and also the soft sand beach will welcome you. You can also snorkel there, and also stay overnight.

2. Kuta Beach Lombok

Kuta Beach is not only in Bali, but in Lombok, there is also Kuta Beach. Kuta Beach in Lombok is one of the beaches that have been known in general as a tourist beach. His position is in Central Lombok Regency. Besides Gili Nanggu, Kuta Beach is also one of the most recommended honeymoon places in Lombok. This is because the beautiful coastal scenery with sand that has large granules. Quite unique and different from the sand beaches on other beaches. In addition, Honeymoon Place is also quite easy to reach. The beauty of this beach will be more felt when you find the cleanliness of the beach is very awake. The clear ocean is also a fairly complete accommodation will make the holiday with your partner comfortable and not troublesome.

3. Gili Trawangan

Who does not know Gili Trawangan? This one tourist destination may be considered a mandatory tourist destination for tourists who visit Lombok. Gili Trawangan popularity is already known by many walks of life, ranging from domestic tourists to foreign tourists. You and your partner can enjoy the atmosphere together on the island. Surely there are many activities that can be done there. Starting from snorkeling, diving, or just simply strolling around the island. In addition, the facilities in Gili Trawangan is very complete. You will easily find lodging, hotels, and romantic restaurants to spend time with your partner. You can also explore some interesting Places of Interest in Gili Trawangan.

4. Gili Meno and Gili Air

Gili Meno and Gili Air are two adjacent islands. These two islands are near Gili Trawangan. And visitors who want to cross to these two islands can start the journey from Gili Trawangan. Both of these unique islands you can go to honeymoon with your partner. Because the honeymoon in Lombok this one must have a more private atmosphere when compared with Gili Trawangan. So you and your partner will enjoy the atmosphere more. There are many activities that can be done there, such as snorkeling, diving, horse riding, swimming, and so forth. Although more private, there are still accommodations and facilities that can be booked to stay.

5. Malimbu Hill

One of the places recommendations for the honeymoon in Lombok next is Malimbu Hill. Malimbu Hill is one of the places with very beautiful natural nuances and is obligatory for you to visit with your partner. One of its charms is the spectacular sunset views. Even this hill is one of the best places to enjoy the sunset after a row of beaches in Lombok. The Malimbu Hill position is about 24 kilometers from Mataram. You can go there in the afternoon to prove for yourself how beautiful the sunset on Mount Malimbu. In addition, the atmosphere of twilight will also add a romantic impression for your honeymoon and spouse.

6. Tangsi Beach (Pink Beach East Lombok)

There is another interesting place to visit with your spouse while on honeymoon in Lombok, namely Tangsi Beach. This beach is also known as Pink Beach East Lombok. The interesting thing about this beach is the sand beach mixed with red algae fragments. And that's what causes this beach has a sandy beach that seems pink. Near Tangsi Beach there is also another beach that is not less beautiful, namely Segui Beach. Segui Beach is very quiet and its position is also hidden. So you and your partner can explore the beach more freely without having to be disturbed by visitors or tourists who paced.

7. Senggigi Beach

Senggigi Beach is one of the famous beach resort in West Lombok since the first. This beach area is one of the best to enjoy the view of the sunset. You and the couple who really like to catch the twilight can choose Senggigi Beach as one of the good positions to wait for the sunset. In the Senggigi Beach area, there are also so many beachside dining places that offer a good sunset view area. In addition, you and your partner can also walk around the beach in the area of Senggigi to enjoy the atmosphere in a simple way. Can also hunt for cheap culinary such as roasted corn or grilled fish.

8. Sembalun

Sembalun is the name of a village located in East Lombok. Sembalun is a village with typical mountain views and is at the foot of Mount Rinjani. Even Sembalun is also one of the starting points of climbing to Mount Rinjani. In the Sembalun area, there are so many inns with a very beautiful and natural atmosphere. Its cool temperatures will also provide its own peace of mind for you and your partner who wants to escape momentarily from the fatigue of the city. In addition, there are also some tourist attractions, such as strawberry picking tours. You can also choose Lodging at Sembalun which offers various beautiful facilities to fulfill the honeymoon activities during the Sembalun. All that will give a special impression for your honeymoon.

9. Pergasingan Hill

Pergasingan Hill is one of the honeymoon spots in Lombok that is suitable for you and couples who love going to activities in the wild. The hill with the peak at an altitude of 1700 meters above sea level will provide a beautiful scenery for you. The location of Pergasingan Hill is still in Sembalun area. You can go there by traveling approximately 2 to 3 hours from Mataram. Although the trip to the top of the hill is not easy, this trip will give a special impression for the atmosphere of your honeymoon. From the peak, there will be a stretch of rice fields that look small boxes. Complete with surrounding hills that show its robustness.

10. Mount Rinjani

Climbing Mount Rinjani never disappoints. You and the couple who like to climb the mountain, of course, can climb together to Mount Rinjani as one of the activities of a unique honeymoon but interesting. The beauty of Mount Rinjani will make all eyes enchanted will charm. Especially if you've arrived at Lake Segara Anakan Rinjani. You and your spouse will not want to go home quickly from there. Although climbing Rinjani known quite tiring, but the atmosphere there is sure to give the impression and romanticism for your honeymoon alone. There is also one of the most beautiful Sabana in Indonesia.

11. Gili Kedis

There is another interesting small island to visit while in Lombok, namely Gili Kedis. Gili Kedis is an uninhabited small island located on the southwest coast of Lombok Island. This island is very small indeed. But the beauty is not inferior to Gili Meno and Gili Air. In addition, the island is also not too famous so you and your partner can enjoy the island atmosphere more freely. Even you and your spouse can feel like being on a private island. The size itself is very small and no wider than a soccer field. So you and your spouse will actually be on a remote island surrounded by a loose sea. Thus some explanations about the honeymoon in Lombok are interesting to visit. Maybe useful.

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