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Yogyakarta is indeed an area frequented by tourists to spend vacation time. Jogja always makes many people miss him. So it is not uncommon Jogja also a goal for couples to enjoy time alone, whether it's for honeymooners or just to commemorate their togetherness. In addition to Romantic Places in Jogja, you and your partner can also find a place to eat is also romantic. Here are some romantic cafes in Jogja that may be suitable for your visit.

1. Madam Tan Ristorante

Location: Jalan Jend. Sudirman No. 16, Gowongan, Jogja One of the romantic eating places in Yogyakarta that you can visit is Madam Tan Ristorante. This dining place is suitable for a romantic dinner with your partner. Even there the concept offered is one of them is Romantic Dinner. But if you want to take the package romantic dinner there, visitors must reserve in advance at least 1 day earlier. Surely this is because this concept is not provided for many seats. In addition to couples, this place to eat is also still suitable to gather with friends or family, because this restaurant is quite a comfortable place. Some of the menus served were mostly Italian food. But the taste has been adjusted with the tongue of Indonesia.

2. Secret Garden Coffee and Chocolate

Location: Amri Yahya Street No. 2 Pakuncen, Jogja Another suitable cafe to spend time with your partner is Secret Garden. This place is one of the culinary attractions outdoor concept that presents comfort and beauty. Because it has an outdoor cafe concept, this place is suitable for you and couples who like to eat in the open without a roof. Decorations made with a blend of classical Javanese combined with modern, so it will cause the atmosphere of Jogja thick feel. The drink menu there is mostly a menu of coffee and chocolate. While the mainstay food menu there is fried rice. Food prices are guaranteed to be very affordable, although the atmosphere offered is quite luxurious.

3. Warung Pak Lanjar and Kebon Tanjung

Location: Dusun Banteran, Sinduharjo, Sleman This romantic Cafe in Jogja is not located in the middle of town but on the outskirts of the city. However, because of its little location on the outskirts of the city, the atmosphere becomes more different and deserves to be visited. Even the atmosphere makes this place one of the interesting Hunt Place in Sleman. You and your partner will find a place to eat in a rustic atmosphere. Even when entering the dining area, visitors can see the original village with the surrounding rice fields. The scenery that makes this place romantic and soothing is the silhouette of the majestic Mount Merapi. The decor of the place is set up with traditional classic furniture. While the food served is mostly traditional Indonesian food is very delicious.

4. Canting Restaurant

Location: Galeria Mall 4th Floor Rooftop, Jalan Sudirman No. 99 Jogja Cafe or restaurant this one is very loved by young people in Jogja. Many of them came to this place even though this place is still fairly new in the year 2014. You and your partner can also visit this Canting Restaurant which is a modern dining place and the present. The concept that is in this cafe is the concept of a bistro with a mainstay menu is a black burger. But in addition to the black burger, there is another food menu is also no less beautiful. In addition to the western food menu, there is also Indonesian food menu. Although quite luxurious, but the price of food there is still quite affordable for young people.

5. Honje Restaurant

Location: Jalan Margo Utomo No. 125, Gowongan, Jetis, Jogja Another romantic cafe in Jogja that can be an alternative meal with your partner is Honje Restaurant. This restaurant serves a menu of European and local specialties. It is suitable for you and couples who like with European food. The food served at Unique Cafe in Jogja is very varied. Some of the mainstay menu there is Pan Fried Norwegian Salmon, Burger, Sandwich, Fish and Chips, and so on. As for the local menu, there are oxtail soup, Rib soup, mixed rice, and so forth. This place offers a cozy atmosphere with a menu of food that is still quite an affordable price. You and your partner can eat there with the price of food menu ranging from Rp 30,000 to Rp 130,000.

6. Bukit Indah Restaurant

Location: Wonosari Highway KM 15 The next romantic dining spot is Bukit Indah Restaurant. As the name implies, this dining place offers a beautiful view of the typical hills that will make the atmosphere very comfortable. If you have just visited the Tourist Places in Wonosari and are hungry, this place can be addressed. This is because this cafe is located at an altitude of 300 meters above sea level so it can see the view from a height. In addition, the facilities at the restaurant are also quite complete. The atmosphere there will definitely make eating together with a partner to be romantic. With a diverse menu of foods, you will find Indonesian specialties, western food, and Chinese Food.

7. Omah Dhuwur Restaurant

Location: Jalan Mondorakan No. 252, Kotagede, Jogja As the name implies, this one dining place offers a classic and also a legendary concept. Omah Dhuwur is one place to eat with a diverse food menu. Although his name impressed classical and really Java, it turns out the food menu it is quite classy. Some of the mainstay menu that there are Norwegian Salmon Fillet, Lobster Thermidor, Spaghetti Served with Garlic Bread and Side Salad, and partly. The price of this menu is not too expensive. However, you and your partner will find an atmosphere that may be all you are looking for to spend quality time.

8. D’Padukan Pie & Resto

Location: Jalan Kaliurang Kilometer 17, Sleman Precisely in the area of Kaliurang, there is a romantic eating place with couples you can visit. His name is D'Padukan Pie & Resto. The main attraction of this place is the atmosphere of the rice fields that are there. In addition, the food menu there is presented with beautiful and attractive so it will be very evocative of your appetite. Visitors can also eat with a breeze with a breeze of rice fields are soothing in the outdoor. Meanwhile, in the interior, the classic atmosphere will be instantly felt. There are many vintage d├ęcors arranged in a very unique and antique.

9. The Manglung Cafe

Location: Ngoro Ngoro Ombo Street No. 16, Kab. Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta One cafe that is romantic in Jogja is The Manglung Cafe. This place can be said to be very special and suitable to be visited with a partner as well as a tour. In addition to being in the tourist area of Gunung Kidul, this place is very beautiful. The interesting thing about this place is that it offers a very beautiful dining venue. In addition, this place is one of the best places to enjoy the atmosphere of dusk in the afternoon. And even at night, the scenery is still beautiful, even more beautiful. This is because from there can be seen the lights of the city from a height. You and your partner can eat with a comfortable and romantic atmosphere during the afternoon until evening.

10. Kelapa Resto at The Westlake Resort

Location: West Ring Road Road, Kab. Sleman, Yogyakarta If you and your partner want to eat seafood menu in a way that is quite exclusive, then Eating Place Nuance Alam in Yogyakarta this one is one of the recommended. This unique restaurant is a restaurant of The Westlake Resort that offers beautiful views. The interesting thing from there is the lake in the middle of the restaurant, with beautiful green plants and refresh the eye. In addition, the existing building there is a building like a joglo house that must be very impressive Jogja and Central Java culture. In addition to eating, visitors can also take a boat and get around on the lake. Can also fishing in the freshwater lake that is there. In addition to some recommendations of a romantic cafe in Jogja above, below there are still some other places to eat that can give a romantic impression and may fit your taste and your partner.

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