10 Best Places to Visit in Philippines

10 Best Places to Visit in the Philippines - The Philippines is an archipelago country which of course has beautiful sea and beach views. Some of them have even been unveiled by UNESCO as a world heritage site. However, not only the natural beauty that makes the Philippines worth visiting. There are still many tourist attractions in the Philippines are interesting to visit tourists, ranging from mountains, hills, parks, to museums. The Philippines has indeed become one of the favorite tourist destinations in Asia. If you are interested and have plans for a vacation to the Philippines, below we present some recommendations for tourist attractions in the Philippines that you should visit.

1. Banaue Rice Terraces Philippines

Tourist attractions located in Ifugao this is the oldest rice fields in the Philippines and made by the Batad Tribe. Tourist attractions in the Philippines are unique because of the water system made with simple technology but it looks very stunning. Banaue Rice Terraces is located at an altitude of 1,500 meters above sea level and is estimated to be about 2,000 years old. The uniqueness of the natural conditions that have an area of about 10,360 square kilometers this makes UNESCO set it as a world heritage site in 1995. Seeing the beauty of this tourist spot in the Philippines with its green expanse will fascinate you. If you want to experience an unforgettable experience, you can witness the lives of local people that have been going on for hundreds of generations. In addition, you can also try planting rice and vegetables.

2. Boracay Philippines

Boracay is one of the tourist attractions in the Philippines that must be visited when you are on holiday to the Philippines. Located approximately 315 kilometers south of Manila, Boracay offers exceptional natural beauty. Boracay's natural beauty has even managed to make this place into the list of beaches that must be visited by tourists around the world. To reach Boracay, there are several ways, namely by using ferry, airplane, or a combination of ferry and bus. For those who want to save money are advised to use the ferry, but keep in mind that travel by ferry can take more than 10 hours. If you want to quickly get to the destination, you can choose to use aircraft with a more expensive price.

3. Chocolate Hills Philippines

Chocolate Hills is a hilly area in the Philippines. Chocolate Hills name is taken from the hilly colors that will turn into brownish when the dry season arrives. This brownish color comes from the dry grass covering the hill. The number of hills that exist in the Chocolate Hills region reaches 1,500 pieces with varying heights ranging from 30 to 120 meters. Because of its uniqueness, the hills that have been designated as one of the UNESCO world heritage sites have successfully become one of the tourist attractions in the Philippines most visited by tourists.

4. Rizal Park Philippines

Rizal Park is a special park established to commemorate the services of Jose Rizal who was one of the independence heroes of the Philippines during the colonial period. This park became a tourist destination because it is one of the largest parks in Asia. You can visit this park also known as Luneta National Park to learn about the history of the Philippines.

5. Mayon Mountain Philippines

The mountain that has a height of more than 2 thousand meters is one of the tourist attraction of the Philippines. When observed carefully, the shape of Mount Mayon is very similar to Mount Fuji in Japan. For those of you who love nature tourism, Mount Mayon is perfect and will be your favorite tourist spot in the Philippines. However, if you intend to climb this active volcano, you must first apply to the local government.

6. Tubbataha Reef Philippines

If you are a lover of marine beauty, there is no reason to miss Tubbataha Reef. Tubbataha Reef is a tourist spot in the Philippines that is very rich in coral and another marine biota. The natural beauty of the underwater in this region makes Tubbataha Reef crowned as one of the best diving spots in the world. The interesting thing that this tourist attraction offers in the Philippines is that 75% of coral species from around the world are located here. Not only that, as many as 40% of all reef fish species in the world also inhabit this region. The uniqueness makes Tubbataha Reef inaugurated as a UNESCO underwater world heritage site.

7. Mactan Island Philippines

The island is located in the province of Cebu has an area of about 65 square kilometers and is inhabited by about 430,000 people, making this island as one of the most populous islands in the Philippines. One of the main attractions of this island is the number of production of musical instruments that can be used as souvenirs such as ukulele, guitar, and others. The added attraction of Mactan Island is Shangri-la Mactan Island Resort. This 5-star hotel provides a classy service and spa that is one of the most luxurious spas in the world. Resort with room rates starting from 5 million Rupiah per night also has 6 restaurants and 2 swimming pools that you can enjoy.

8. Coron Island Philippines

Coron Island is one of the islands of the Philippines that is popular as a tourist area. The exotic landscapes of the island make tourists flock to see them. In addition to the beauty of the island, the beauty of nature under the sea of Coron Island is also very fascinating, especially coupled with the Japanese shipwreck relics of the 2nd world war. To reach this beautiful island, you can use the plane from Manila which will take about 1-hour trip. Then, traveling from the small airport on Coron Island to the heart of the island takes just a few minutes on an asphalted road and offers beautiful green hillside views. The most favorite activity on the island of Coron is snorkeling because with snorkeling you can enjoy the underwater beauty of Coron Island that famous extraordinary. In addition, you can also watch the sunset at Bukit Tapyas. To reach the top of the hill, you have to climb 700 steps, but the fatigue will certainly pay off with the beautiful scenery that you will see.

9. Manila Ocean Park 

Marine park located in Manila is greater when compared with Singapore Ocean Park located in Singapore. Since it was inaugurated in March 2008, this marine park has more than 14,000 marine biotas. In Manila Ocean Park there is also a swimming pool and water rides that will keep you and your kids happy. To be able to enjoy the beauty of Manila Ocean Park, you must prepare a fund of 600 Pesos or about 500 thousand Rupiah. The price includes a visit ticket to the Oceanarium, as well as a ticket to watch the Symphony Evening Show. Read Also :

10. National Museum of the Philippines

The museum, founded by the Philippine government, has collections from various fields of science, such as archeology, anthropology, botany, zoology, and geology. One of the most famous collections of the National Museum of the Philippines is San Diego. San Diego is a wreck that used to trade from Manila to Acapulco, Mexico. When found, the artifacts in this ship are still intact. The National Museum of the Philippines has managed to become one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Philippines because of its many artifacts. The Philippine government also provides a special vehicle that will pick up tourists from the airport to the museum that queues very long visitors this weekend. Well, that's a list of recommended tourist attractions in the Philippines that you should visit. Which tourist attractions do you want to visit? Share please!

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