10 best destinations in Amsterdam

10 best destinations in AmsterdamOften we see a place that someone wants is a country out there. Not infrequently we see in the walls of the room or in figura-figura emblazoned symbols of a particular country. One of the many continents to be visited is the European Continent. Continental Europe is one of the continents be the object or target of people who have many dreams, whether it is about vacation, or about education. On the continent of Europe, there are so many world-renowned universities. Various disciplines are studied in Europe this specific. Many great and influential people in the world are born from this continent. This continent has many features. Europe is famous for its architecture is very unique and beautiful, making this continent has tourist attractions where the main object of the buildings. Not only from the architecture of the building alone, Europe also has tourist spots associated with nature. Many flower gardens exist in Europe, many grasslands, as well as beaches in Europe. One of the countries in Europe which are often used as a holiday destination is the Netherlands. The Netherlands is famous for its windmill country and also the birthplace of colorful Tulip flowers. The Netherlands has a famous city, Amsterdam. Did you know that Amsterdam is not only famous as a scanner scientists, but also as a country owner of various sights worth visiting? There are various tourist attractions that we will meet when we take a vacation to Amsterdam this. Curious what are the sights?

1. Statue of the inscription "I Amsterdam"

If all this we know about writing big city names only in Hollywood in Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, and also "Gunung Kidul" in Gunung Kidul Regency, Yogyakarta, then Amsterdam also has this paper. This writing was originally just a slogan from Amsterdam alone, but over time, the statue of this paper also became an icon of the city of Amsterdam. If we take pictures in this paper, we automatically show the world that we are in Amsterdam. The writing available here is "I Amsterdam" which is also called "I am Amsterdam Letters". Until now, every tourist who is visiting Amsterdam would want to take pictures in this paper. Unlike the Hollywood writings that only amount to one and are in one place only, but I Amsterdam writing is a total of four, and are in each place different. The location of I Amsterdam Letters located at these four points can be found in different places. First at the Rijksmuseum, then the second at Museum Square, then the third at the Amsterdam Museum, and the fourth or last one at Schiphol Airport Amsterdam. There's another I am Amsterdam Letters that can move places, whether it's in tourist attractions, or in certain major events, such as festivals, exhibitions, and fashion shows. In the last period, this nomadic "I am Amsterdam" is in Vondelpark.

2. Square Museum Amsterdam

Among the hobbies of your streets, does anyone have a hobby of walking in a place that contains history? Like historical relics, whether in the form of building houses, places of worship, to other items of historical value. If a building-shaped relic may be we can go to the hidden buildings and can see for sure. But if left behind are useful items and should be stored first, then the right destination is in the museum. You know, the Netherlands is a country that has high historical values. In the Netherlands, the relics of ancestors or ancient people still stood in the Netherlands. Included also with a variety of goods, given the ancient times the Netherlands is a triumphant country that has many colonies, certainly, the relics of the heyday are still stored, as well as the goods obtained from the colonies. No wonder then in the Netherlands there are many museums, including in this city of Amsterdam. Actually museum Square or Museumplein is not just an ordinary museum building. In Museum Square or Museumplein there are several museums. So, Museum Square or Museumplein is an open and spacious area occupied by several important buildings in Amsterdam, including several museums. The buildings located here include:
  • Rijk Museum
  • Van Gogh Museum
  • Stedelijk Museum
  • Diamond Museum (Diamond Museum)
  • Royal Concertgebouw or Royal Concert Hall
  • United States Consulate Office
Not only the building but under the Museum Square or Plein Museum is also built underground supermarkets and parking facilities. Not quite up there, the field in the area of Museum Square or Museumplein this or called the square that resembles the park and also this vast field can also be a place to relax, walk, or play by local residents Amsterdam and also the tourists. Museum Square or Museumplein is also often used as a place to hold major events such as certain celebrations, demonstrations, to watch with the world cup to see the Dutch football team playing in the field. Thus it can be seen that Museum Square or Museumplein is a truly multifunctional place.

3. Rijks Museum

It was mentioned earlier that Amsterdam is a city that has many museums. One of them is Rijksmuseum. Rijksmuseum is located around Museum Square or Museumplein, precisely located in the east of the area. Rijksmuseum is one of the Dutch national museum dedicated to the field of art and history. This museum has a very large collection, ie up to one million objects. But of the many objects, which is currently on display only about 8000 collections only. Rijksmuseum has a very beautiful building, the design of Pierre Cuypers who is the person who designed the Amsterdam Centraal Station. The museum was first opened in 1885, so the museum is a very old museum. Rijksmuseum is the most famous museum in Amsterdam and is also the most visited museum of tourists. Things that make many tourists want to visit this place, in addition to its many collections, this museum also has a beautiful building worthy to be immortalized. Besides this museum also has a nice garden and beautiful, also comfortable to relax. The museum is also equipped with souvenir shops and cafes, as well as other facilities that make visitors feel at home for long in this museum. This is why many tourists who want to visit this museum as a place for a vacation or a walk.

4. Dam Square

The next tourist spot in Amsterdam is Dam Square. Dam Square or De Dam is a square in the center of Amsterdam. Square or Dam Square has become one of the tourist attractions invaded by the people or tourists visiting Amsterdam, the most famous, and also the most crowded in Amsterdam. It has been a long time tradition that this square is used as a gathering place as well as a hangout or hangout by Amsterdam locals as well as by tourists. In Dams Square square, events are often held and show from artists as well as street performers. As in many squares in Europe, the square of Dam Square is also a lot of pigeons. Dam Square Square is increasingly enlivened by visitors or tourists because it is surrounded by other tourist attractions and well-known buildings, such as the Royal Palace of Amsterdam Palace, legendary old genera Nieuwe Kerk, famous diamond shopping center shopping center, and also Madame Tussauds Museum, and so forth. How, are you interested in visiting this square?

5. Anne Frank’s House

Who exactly is Anne Frank? Why is his existence so influential that his home is used as a tourist spot? Anne Frank is a teenage girl born in 1929 and has German-Jewish blood. He and his family were forced to hide from the atrocities of Adolf Hitler who tried to remove ethnic Jews from Earth in the period of World War II. Anne and her family (father, mother, brother, and four others) were forced to hide for 22 years, ie, in 1922, until they were discovered in 1944. Once discovered, Anne Frank and his family were sent to the concentration camp for punishment. Anne Frank's House is Anne's hiding place and the family, which later turned into a museum. Anne Frank's hood is actually one part of the office building where her father works, which is behind the building on the edge of the canal. The building was converted into a museum of interest by many visitors. Queues of visitors who want to visit this place is always a lot every day. This place becomes one of the best tourist alternatives to visit when in Amsterdam.

6. De Gooyer Windmill

We all know that the Netherlands is a very famous country with a building, the windmill. Windmills in the Netherlands are large, tall, but not very, brown, and have four sides of a propeller. This windmill is used as a power plant because the Netherlands is one country that has a lot of wind. But with the advent of the times, the existence of this windmill is getting more and more exhausted. Up to the center of Amsterdam, only eight windmills remain. One of the eight ancient windmills left in central Amsterdam is the Molen De Gooyer or De Gooyer Windmill. Molen De Gooyer or De Gooyer Windmill is the most famous windmill among the other 7 ancient windmills, because of its location closest to the historic area of Amsterdam. It is also the easiest windmill to reach, because of its location not far from the Maritime Museum. Molen De Gooyer or De Gooyer Windmill is also the highest wooden windmill in the Netherlands. Although the current windmill of Molen De Gooyer or De Gooyer Windmill is not operable and closed to the public, we can still enjoy the beauty from the outside while taking pictures below. We also can still hang out with loved ones near the windmill. This is because near the windmill there is a famous brewery in Amsterdam (Brewery), even attached. In Brewery we can see the brewing process, they can drink a glass of fresh beer from the process of making it directly. If you include people who can not drink beer, here is also available fruit juice that you can order directly in this place. How this place is interesting is not it? Do not miss if you are visiting in Amsterdam.

7. De Waag or The Weigh House

Other tourist attractions in Amsterdam are De Waag. De Waag or The Weight House is an old building that resembles a beautiful castle and is located at Nieuwmarket square in the center of Amsterdam city center. This building is a very old building, which was built in the 15th century, ie in 1488. This building is one of the gates of the city, part of the city wall that surrounds the area of Amsterdam in the middle ages. This building lost its function as a city gate at the end of the 16th century, when the area of Amsterdam expanded beyond the city walls. No lapse how long, the wall was destroyed and only left De Waag or The Weight House is an independent building independent. To date, De Waag or The Weight House is occupied by Waag Society and also café-restaurant In de Waag. So in addition to enjoying the unique and beautiful architecture of the building, visitors can also taste the culinary day café- café and restaurant and can hang out at Nieuwmarkt. There are also many cafes other than De Waag or The Weight House, which amounts to more than 20 cafes and also the coffee shop on the edge of this Nieuwmarkt. In an open area close to Red Light District this is where the daily market in this place. There is a special market of organic materials held every Saturday, the market for antiques (flea market) every Sunday in the summer. Interesting right? If you are visiting Amsterdam, do not forget to stop by this place, because the place like this there is only one in the world.

8. Leidse Square

If you crave the sensation of night entertainment in Europe, then do not miss this place. Leidse Square or Leidseplein is one of the entertainment centers and also the nightlife center in Amsterdam. Many of the buildings that exist in this area such as malls, shops, cafes, restaurants, cinemas, theaters, nightclubs, until the casino stood here. This area is the center of the hangout of young people and also the local community of Amsterdam both day and night. Many businessmen as well as foreign tourists who come to Amsterdam take the time to just drink coffee or beer at the outdoor cafes and pubs in this place and mingle with the local community Amsterdam. In addition, in this area also many artists and street performers who hold various shows that are interesting and also entertaining. Leidse Square also has two famous buildings that became the landmark of this region.

9. Vondelpark

Almost every city has its own city lungs. If New York has Central Park, London owns Hyde Park, then Amsterdam has Vondelpark. Vondelpark is the largest expanse of forest city in Amsterdam, which covers 47 hectares. The city park was first opened in 1865 and is located in the center of Amsterdam, or to the west of Leidseplein and also the Museumplein. Vondelpark city park is a very popular tourist spot among the local community of Amsterdam as well as among tourists. Many activities that we can do in this park, such as walking, cycling, playing, relaxing, sunbathing, skateboarding, to picnic. Vondelpark also has an underground museum, complete with café and restaurant. There are many music concerts held in this park several frees in the summer. And every celebration of Queen's Day or King's Day, this Vondelpark became one of the festive centers of the event's celebrations and accompanied by a free market and other events that appeal to the kids.

10. Bloemenmarkt or floating flower

Bloemenmarkt or floating flower is a floating flower market in Amsterdam. The floating market in Amsterdam is claimed to be the only floating flower market in the world and has been around since 1862. This Bloemenmarkt has also been designated as a UNESCO world heritage site. The floating flower market of Bloemenmarkt occupies transparent stalls floating along the banks of the Singel canal. Because of its location on the edge of the Singel canal, Bloemenmarkt is also known as Bloemensingel. If you visit this place, then you will find various types of flowers, including typical Dutch flowers, the Tulip with a variety of colors. In this market, besides there are flowers ready to plant in pots, there are also flowers that have been bouquets, and there is also a flower seed that is ready for export, which you can buy and take home as souvenirs and memories typical of the Netherlands and planted at home. Interesting is not it? Therefore, do not miss to visit this place while in Amsterdam. Thus, that's some of the sights we'll meet in Amsterdam when we're there. There are many more attractions in Amsterdam that we can meet when we visit directly there. Amsterdam is a city that has many tourist attractions.

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