Maharani Cave Lamongan East Java Indonesia

Maharani Cave Lamongan East Java Indonesia - Lamongan District, East Java, has a fairly famous cave, the Maharani Cave. This cave is about 500 meters from the north coast of Java and is at a depth of 25 meters below the surface of the ground. This 2,500 m2 cave was discovered on August 6, 1992, by a group of phosphate miners based in Sunyata. Maharani Cave was later inaugurated by Lamongan Regent on March 10, 1994, as one of the attractions in Lamongan regency.

Location Maharani Cave 

Maharani cave is located on the edge of the Gresik - Tuban highway which is precisely at Tanjung Kodok, Paciran, Lamongan, East Java Province. It is said that on the night before the cave was found, Sunyoto's wife dreamed of seeing the beautifully luminous flowers and guarded by two gigantic dragons. The dream is considered a wangsit (clue) before the mine diggers find the cave. Based on the dream, Sunyoto proposed to the Regent Lamongan (then Mohamad Faried) to find the cave that was named Cave Maharani Palace. Because the visible beauty of stalactites and stalagmites (limestone clusters on the ceiling and floor of the cave) is considered to resemble the beauty of the palace.

History of Maharani Lamongan Cave 

This cave was originally discovered accidentally by 6 diggers of the land on August 6, 1992, and inaugurated as a tourist spot by the Lamongan Regent on March 10, 1994. For some people, Cave Maharani is considered to have advantages over other caves in Indonesia because it has a stalactite-stalagmite cluster is charming. The elegance of the Cave of the Maharani Palace can be equated with the Caves of Altamira in Spain, the Mammoth Cave in the United States, and the Coranche Caves in France. Limestone rocks created in this cave form a variety of very amazing form. The stalactites and stalagmites are called Lingga Pratala (resembling a male vital tool), Yoni Pratiwi (female vital tool), Cempaka Tirta (Kantil flowers), Karang Raja Kadal (resembling dinosaur), Selo Gajah (resembling elephant head), flower Roses, Banyan trees and many other unique and beautiful forms. According to research. K.R.T. Khoo, a cave expert from the Indonesian Speleology Foundation in Bogor, stalactites, and stalagmites in the Maharani Palace Cave are still "alive" and continue to grow about 1cm every ten years. Inside the Maharani Cave complex, dozens of lights are arranged in such a way to highlight stalactite-stalagmite clusters, thus reflecting a charming, colorful light. So that visitors feel more comfortable, the inside of the cave is also equipped with a music player that reflects slow rhythmic songs and fans to add fresh atmosphere. Visitors who want to enter this cave is recommended to kulonuwun (ask permission) by saying Asalamualaikum to Eyang Singojoyo and The Elder Goddess Berinting which by the surrounding community is regarded as the cave of the cave. If less satisfied because only enjoy the scenery in the cave, tourists can enjoy the recreation arena Lamongan Marine Tour which is in front of the cave complex. Lamongan Tour is a beach resort with a variety of facilities and games of agility, has a go-kart and motor-cross sports arena, aquatic world, and other recreational facilities. Garan Maharani Palace is located in Tanjung Kodok, Paciran Sub-district, Lamongan District, East Java.

Access to  Maharani Lamongan Cave 

To reach the attraction of this Maharani Cave is very easy. If you start the journey from Surabaya, then you can directly go to Lamongan approximately 70 km in about 2 hours using public transportation such as buses or private vehicles. It is said that the moment before the cave was discovered, Sunyoto's wife, who is the wife of the phosphate miner's mentor, dreamed of seeing beautifully luminous flowers and guarded by two gigantic dragons. The dream was eventually regarded as a wangsit before the mine diggers discovered the cave. From the dream, Sunyoto proposed to Lamongan Regent for the cave that was found it was named Goa Istana Maharani. This is because the visible beauty of stalactites and stalagmites (limestone clusters on the ceiling and cave floors) is considered to resemble the beauty of the palace. Facilities and Accommodation Maharani Cave tour provides various facilities to support the comfort of the visitors. These facilities include places of worship, clinics, ATMs, bathrooms, special suckling places, large parking lots, souvenir shops, and food stalls. Admission Price Cave Maharani Lamongan Attraction Cave Maharani open every day starting at 08.30 - 16.30 pm. Admission price for Monday - Thursday Rp 25.000, - / person and Friday - Sunday Rp 30.000, - / person (2017).

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