Three Sisters Falls (Republic of Peru)

In Peru there is the third highest waterfall in the world under the name of Three Sisters Falls (Cataratas las Tres Hermanas) in the Ayacucho region. Waterfall called Three Sisters is separated from three levels. Two of the top tiers are only visible from the air, and the water drops into the big tubs unpleasantly where the three ventures emerge. Waterfalls are almost completely surrounded by forests, and the trees around Three Sisters Falls reach 100 feet high. The waterfall reaches about 914. Three Sisters Falls, about 30 minutes south of Julian, is one of the main waterfalls located in Southern America. The series of falling waterfalls on the rocks and there are three main fall is said to form a sister pair. the best atmosphere is after the rainy season, because it has a more swift stream and look more beautiful. While in this area is a spectacular place to explore, rocks and cliffs are very steep to get in and out of the canyon. You should not come and accept it if you are not ready for a more intensive rise. It's all the information Feel it can get very hot, be prepared with more than enough air, especially in summer. Details 4 miles round trip 1000 feet of elevation Plan on 3-4 hours of hiking Display an adventure pass Bring a hiking pole and shoes with good grip; they help a lot Location: Search “three sisters falls trailhead” on Google Maps Getting There From the city of Julian, you will head west on Highway 79 / Julian Road. You will then turn left at Pine Hills, Right at Eagle Peak then Time on Boulder Creek Road. This road will eventually become a dirt road for the last 5 miles of travel. It was easy for this trip to use two wheeled vehicles when I went but notice that it could not be after a good rain. If you're driving here, you can use Google Maps to get this hint information because that's one of the ways that you can use to achieve it. When you get to the trail, you will see a gate and car pulled out along the way (this is why Google Maps is great for use). Show your adventure then start climbing.

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