Best Destinations in Europe You Need To Visit In Your Lifetime

Best Destinations in Europe You Need To Visit In Your Lifetime - Many people dream to set foot in Europe. This is because in this continent there is a myriad of places and attractions that will not make the traveler back home with a sour face. Some countries are regarded most often visited by tourists, among others are France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, England, and Italy and the following sights in Europe that will make us fall in love and do not want to go home.


1. Catedral de Santiago – Bilbao

Architecture should not miss this one because it is called the "crown" of Bilbao which is considered the old city. This one cathedral is not as popular as other cathedrals, but the tourists are guaranteed to have fun in this area because they can enjoy the beauty of the futuristic style of the Guggenheim called the iconic city of Bilbao. The interior is so majestic and looks a bit more gothic appearance, especially if you look at the door of the Puerta del Angel, the monastery, the tower and the dome Upon entering, there will be a long hallway that welcomes visitors accompanied by large pillars of a typical Catholic church. There are 26 altars also owned by this building in addition to a number of chapels that are not so great. Below you can see the cathedral opening schedule along with the ticket fee charged. The cathedral operating hours are from Tuesday to Saturday, from 10 am to half 2 pm and then continued from 4 pm to 7 pm. For the tour will usually be opened from Monday to Friday from 11 to 12 noon and continued from 5 pm to 6 pm. A visitor is charged: EUR 3

2. Parque de Cabecera

The 10-hectare garden is so stunning because of the green landscape from the lush trees, the beautiful lake, and the awesome promenade. Even when taking children to this place, they also have a play area there. If after a walk feel hungry, there are bars and cafes that can be visited. More than that, this Parque de Cabecera has a small hill that any traveler can climb it. Upon reaching its peak, the views of the city of Valencia will be caught by the eye. Not only that, but there is also Bioparc is certainly not less attractive, namely a safari park that was established in 2008. You can visit this park anytime because this park is never closed and the ticket was free.

3. Las Dalias Market – Ibiza

The most well-known market in Ibiza is the shopping center where all the unique and antique items of his own work can be found. The place is considered as a hippy market icon there are 200 stores that actively trade in the area and even visitors can only up to 20 thousand people, especially throughout the summer on Saturday. All goods are offered in this place, ranging from unique musical instruments, accessories, traditional cloth, traditional song CDs and many more other antique things. Not only the antiques can be found and bought in this area but all forms of culinary can be tasted, such as marrocoan tea, cocktails, pizza, and others. While shopping or Berliner, visitors can be satisfied to enjoy the show pantomime and live music. Here are the operational times of Las Dalias Market: Throughout the year every Saturday is open from 10 am to half 7 pm. On a special summer in August, open on Sundays too and can be up to 8pm. Las Dalias Night Market or the night market can be enjoyed from June to September on Monday with operating hours from 7 pm to 1 am.


1. Camden Town – London

When you set foot in London right there in England, buying souvenirs will be very easy by stopping to Camden Town which stood in 1974. It was not very much a store and if there are only souvenir shops that are not so big. The UK then adds more stores and eventually, this area includes the most complete sales center for accessories and souvenirs to be found in London. Only in this place souvenirs are even worth EUR 10 with good quality. All souvenirs sold in this place is a typical souvenir of London and can be said to be cheaper than other souvenirs. Not only can shopping, the visitors can culinary ria by buying food by going into the Pujasera Camden Market and all the food there is guaranteed halal. British, Mexican and even Asian food is available along with a variety of topping snacks, making it more satisfying to have a holiday in London.

2. Diana Memorial Playground – London

London is often regarded as a city where everything is very expensive and there is not even a good location for kids to spend their time. Diana Memorial Playground is one of the tourist sites that can be visited by families with children aged 12 years and over to play in this place. Playing sand, playing swing, and playing on the boat is a fun activity that can be done. When hungry, there is a cafe near this playground area; there is even a Diana Memorial Fountain and a stunning Peter Pan statue. The operational time of the playground is daily and will start receiving visitors from 10 am to 6 pm. Visitors do not have to pay and can play as much and enjoy taking pictures.


1. Eisbach – Munich

If interested in exciting water and water activities, on the southern edge of Englischer Garten tourists can visit the homemade river called Eisbach. The waves are about 1 meter high with 5 m3 per second for the speed will make the visitors more excited of course to enjoy this place. Although water and waves come from water pump machines, this feature is, in fact, a favorite for professional surfers though. To come to this place do not need to be confused, anytime will be served because this tour is open every day of the year with 24 hours service. Visitors are not charged for admission. For transportation, can take a tram 18 (National Museum), take a bus jointed 100, or ride the subway with U3 line (Gieselstrasse).

2. Deutsches Museum – Munchen

When spending time with children in Europe, especially in Germany, you should come to this museum for an educational tour. Children need to add insight to science and technology, so this is the most appropriate place to be visited. Located on the Isar River, Deutsches Museum is the oldest and largest museum of science and technology in the world. There are 50 branches of science and technology and 28 thousand objects exhibited by this museum, even children can have fun with a variety of educational games but still fun. The following operational hour and museum ticket information: Adult visitors are charged: EUR 11. Visitors to children aged 6 to 15 are charged: EUR 4. Visitors to children under 6 years old do not have to pay. Open from Monday to Sunday, the museum will serve visitors from 9am to 5pm. Transportation is not difficult to get here, there are various ways, such as by taking tram 16 (Deutsches Museum).

3. Olympiapark - Munich

This is a beautiful architectural building that is not worth to be missed because the building used for the 1972 Olympic Games consists of the outdoor and indoor sports arena, there is also a tower called Olympiatrum as well as the park. Uniquely, the roof features a tent-shaped design that is made from plexiglass and has a net as a protector. Enthusiastic activity fans can try the activities of roof climbing, flying fox, and abseiling. The lake is also beautiful and on the edge looks Mowoos or Munich Walk of Stars that have similarities with the Hollywood Walk of Fame. To enjoy the park, visitors do not have to pay, but to be in Olympiatrum, visitors are charged EUR 3. The Olympiapark will start open from 9 am and close at 12 pm special Olympiatrum, while the park runs daily and 24 hours.


1. Swiss National Museum of Prangins – Nyon

Tourists who have a high curiosity about the history of the Swiss country, especially the town of Nyon and Prangins, please come to the Swiss National Museum of Prangins which will add insight. Through multimedia and illustrated images, all information related to the development of Nyon and Prangins city will be dedicated to the visitors of this museum. If you want to know about the life of the people who live in Nyon and Prangins, it can also be known by coming to this location. For complete information on transportation, hours of operation and admission, here is the review. For travelers who are confused about transport to this place, go to Prangins on an 805-boarded bus and connect to the Swiss National Museum of Prangins which will take 6 minutes. The museum starts receiving and serving visitors from 10 am and closes at 5 pm. Open from Tuesday to Sunday which means they will be off every Monday. Visitors are charged: CHF 7 

2. Sunnegga – Zermatt

Tourists who like the scenery let alone in the mountains must taste the Sunnegga tourist attractions in Zermatt because of the extraordinary coolness will be felt when to this place. Not only fresh air can be obtained from Sunnegga, but also the beauty of the lake will make us fall in love, even cute beaver in this place will make us annoyed. If you want to hike fun, come in the winter because the hiking path can be tried by the visitors.

3. Roman Museum – Nyon

There is one more museum worth exploring when traveling to Nyon and for the tourists who like the things of history, of course, can have fun at the Roman Museum. The story of the history of the Roman empire that once dominated Europe will be served to visitors. There are many relics of the Roman Empire that can be seen too, including war clothes and weapons used in antiquity. Not only the exhibition alone, visitors are also given a clear image of the time of the war through picture illustration. Information about operational hours and entrance fees can be seen as follows. The museum starts operating from 10 am and closes at 7 pm from Tuesday to Sunday which means they are not open on Mondays. Visitors are charged: CHF 8. Simply go to Nyon Chemin des Pensees by bus numbered 81 or 803 and later can be connected by foot to get to the museum for 10 minutes.


1. Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II – Milan

Museum with neo classic as its architectural style is worth considering to visit. When you come to this place, tourists will be able to see the arcade alleys are indeed similar to Vittorio Emanuele II, the first king of the Kingdom of Italy. Milan city living room is also known as the shopping center il salotto di Milano whose construction has been since 1865. This beautiful classic gallery features a 155-foot-tall glass dome covering a building up to 47 meters tall. Do not pay when you visit this museum gallery and even if you want to shop at this place, transportation to this place is so easy. Open from morning until evening, visitors can freely enjoy the architecture of the building and shop at will.

2. Riviera di Levante – Liguria

For the beach lovers, when coming to Italy should take the time to stop by the Riviera in Levante. This beach stretches from the French Riviera to the Tuscany area and indeed the scenery is second to none, so beautiful as in a fantasy land. Warm and calm sea water is a favorite of tourists. The location of this tour is also fitting to be a place to relax and play while feeling the difference between the warmth of the sun given by Liguria. The more well-known beach areas that attract many visitors to the Riviera in Levante are Camogli, Portovenere and Cinque Tere.

3. Bardini Garden – Florence

Italy is rich in places that capture the hearts of every tourist, including a park in Florence, the Bardini Garden. Built over 4 hectares, this park is highly recommended for visitors who want to discover a romantic atmosphere, beautiful scenes, and panoramas. Via dei Bardi to enter this park, tourists will automatically pass by and enjoy the small rose garden before finally getting to Villa Bardini (now turned into a bookstore, cafeteria, and restaurant) with a winding and uphill terrain that is located still in the middle of the park. Later, tourists will be able to rest when it has found a kaffehaus if it easily follows the flow toward the west side of the slope. Here is the operational schedule of this park as well as the description of the admission fee: Especially in March, the park is open from 8.15 am to half 6 pm. Especially in April, May, September, and October, the park will open from 8.15 am to half 7 pm. Especially in June, July, and August, the park will open from 8:15 am to 8:30 pm. Especially in November, December, January, and February, the park will open from 8.15 am to 5:30 pm. The park will be closed every Monday first and last Monday of each month, December 25th which is Christmas Day, as well as on January 1st and May 1st. Visitors are charged EUR 7.


1. Haagse Markt – Den Haag

Have fun in the form of snacks and sightseeing streets, Haagse Markt is the right place to go, especially since there are many stalls in this place with a variety of merchandise that will certainly attract the interest of every traveler. Traded in this market are the products of Dutch origin that are definitely interesting, there are even Turkey turkey food, coriander seeds and Sharon fruit which is their commodity. Check out the opening hours of this best-selling market in the Netherlands: This market is open and ready to serve the visitors every Saturday, Friday, Wednesday and Monday alone, ie four times a week with hours of operation from 9 am to 5 pm.

2. Museum Vrolik - Amsterdam

This horrible museum is located at the University of Amsterdam and is not just a rumor, but this museum has its own uniqueness. The items on display at this museum are a private collection of a Dutch-born and popular scientist in the 18th century. The contents of the collection include flawed embryos as well as a variety of other anatomies and that is the reason why this museum is called a terrible museum and it is no wonder that visitors are made to shudder. The museum's operational hours are from Monday to Friday and start receiving and serving visitors from 10 am to 5 pm. Visitors will not need to pay for free. If you wish, get a reservation for the tour so there is an accompanying guide. A condition is quite easy because it is necessary to find 15 people for 1 group in which per group will cost EUR 35.


1.The Planetarium – Paris

When you stop at the biggest park in Paris called Parc de la Villette, remember to enjoy everything fun and add insight to The Planetarium. Here is the right place for travelers who want to explore the universe with films that can make us drift along with sessions along with astronomical specialists. There will be a journey that makes the heart-pounding because indeed by the experts, tourists who come will be given a beautiful illustration that simultaneously there are presenting movie screenings with a half-hour screening time. Prepare to explore the solar system with a description of ticket costs and hours of operation that can be listened below. Visitors Explora Exhibitions and Planetarium or full ticket in explorers package will be charged EUR 12. Visitors to children who are not 6 years old are charged EUR 3. Ticket prices for entrance to the museum that closed on Monday will vary depending on which region you want to enjoy. The service of Cite des Sciences et de l'Industrie is every Tuesday to Saturday with operational hours from 10 am to 6 pm, while Sunday specials will close at 7 pm.

2. Bataclan - Paris

Visiting the city of Paris is not complete yet to see Bataclan which is a building with Chinese architectural style and has a quirky side. Built-in 1864 by Charles Duval, this building could have had several different owners due to change hands so often that the building also got some new touches. Had become the building auditorium, after changing hands again, its function was changed to a movie theater. However, in 1933, Bataclan suffered a fire and because it is a building that has been very long, no wonder if it has been destroyed part of the original building structure that is in 1950. Cinema finally closed in 1969 after repaired and renovated and eventually its function has been restored into a staging building until now. Bataclan which now has a cafe that can be a place of tasting for at once culinary tour. If you want to see the staging in this building, then please check the directly online availability of tickets. When opening the official website, you will also be able to read directly the full schedule of staging. That's some of the sights in Europe are fun and will not make the tourists regret. With that reference, we also know why Europe always has a reason to be visited.

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