BRIDAL SHOWER AND BABY SHOWER - In recent years, many celebrities have organized events called Bridal Shower and Baby Shower. Bridal Shower and Baby Shower are also longer not only held for celebrities but almost every young woman in the city especially who will get married to hold Bridal Shower and Baby Shower for prospective mothers who will give birth. Before joining Bridal and Baby Shower event, you should know first what is Bridal Shower and Baby Shower.


Many western cultures enter Indonesia, one of them is the bridal shower. Bridal Shower has mushroomed in Indonesia especially in big cities like Jakarta. However, there has been a shift in meaning from the celebration of the bridal shower. As has been reported in some media, the bridal shower has existed in the 1890s in major countries such as the Netherlands, Canada, Australia, the United States, and New Zealand. Initially, the bridal shower is a donation from the surrounding community for the bride who can not afford to finance her marriage. Along with the development of the era, a bridal shower was held for the upper middle class to celebrate the end of the single period. Outside the country, bridal showers are held by brothers near brides and bridesmaids as a venue for gifts. Unlike the case in Indonesia, bridal shower held by the closest friends as a gathering event. The importance or absence of a bridal shower is very subjective, a clear bridal shower is not an obligation before marriage. Do not be too forced if you do not have the time and budget enough to hold it because time and budget has been consumed for preparation before the wedding day. Regardless of whether or not a bridal shower is important, it is important that the bride and groom should maintain health until the wedding day and prepare the inner to start life after marriage. Like the bridal shower, a baby shower is also a western culture that has mushroomed in major cities in Indonesia. Some media launch baby shower previously called Baby Boom originated from the United States at the end of World War 2, baby boom party is made by young couples to show support to his colleagues who will become prospective new parents by bringing gifts to ease the financial burden they.


Initially, the baby shower was held by the prospective parent's friends as a surprise form with the gift for the mother and the baby, but now the majority of baby shower celebrations are held by the prospective parents by inviting family, relatives, and friends. Baby Shower is defined as a celebration or an outburst of joy to welcome the birth of the baby. This baby shower celebration is the same as the four months and seven monthly events in Indonesia, aiming to pray for the mother and baby pregnancy in the womb to be always granted salvation. The difference between baby showers with four monthly and seven monthly has been seen from the show, for quarterly and seven monthly events focused on religious events and customs such as sprinkling with invited guests in large quantities ranging from family, religious leaders, friends and neighbors around. While the baby shower more at the party or a gathering with relatives and close friends prospective parents accompanied by gifts for pregnant women and babies as a form of attention to the mother who will give birth.

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