TANA TORAJA Best tourist destinations in South Sulawesi Indonesia

Tana Toraja

On this occasion Twisata will review about the beauty of tourist attractions in South Sulawesi precisely in Tana Toraja. This destination is very interesting to visit, the culture is still thick to make its own magnet for the tourists both coming from within and abroad. indeed for those who just visited Tana Toraja mystical impression is felt, but behind it all the natural scenery in Tana Toraja will make you hypnotized and want to linger - long enjoy it.

Geographically Tana Toraja is a district located in the province of North Sulawesi, and the capital of Tana Toraja is in Makale. Toraja people themselves still hold firm beliefs and lifestyles that are very similar to the culture in Nias, which makes Tana Toraja become one of the world cultural heritage sites registered in UNESCO.
Tana Toraja community itself holds many traditional ceremonies in which presents a variety of dances and attractions are very interesting, and for you art lovers certainly not menyianyiakan opportunity. besides that here also there is a very unique custom house which only exist in Tana Toraja.

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History and Origin of Toraja Tribe

According to the story of the legend that spreads in Toraja tribe society, the ancestor of Toraja tribe itself comes from humans who descend from nirvana by using stairs from the sky to the earth. therefore they believe that the ladder can function for the media approach themselves to God Almighty (Puang Matua).

Meanwhile, according to an anthropologist named DR. C. CYRUT conducting research on Toraja tribe, it is concluded that the Tana Toraja community is a result of the acculturation of indigenous people living in the mainland in South Sulawesi with migrants or immigrants from the Bay of Tongkin / Dataran of China. The process of alkuturation originated from the immense transfer of Indo Chinese population estimated to occupy the Enrekang area, and then they built a place to live in the area.

At first the name of Toraja was given by Bugis Sidendereng tribe community and from Luwu, Sidendreng people called the people of this area with To Riaja which means "People who live in the mountains or the country above", unlike the Luwu people who call this people with To Riajang who have "People who inhabit or settle in the west". Another version is the Toraya designation that means "Nobility". Then over time the term is transformed into Toraja and Tana own word means country, then known as Tana Toraja.

That is a brief history of the origin of the name Tana Toraja, taken from various sources

Travel Route Tana Toraja

For those of you who want to visit tourist attractions in South Sulawesi there are two alternatives you can take that is by using the mode of land transportation and also the air. and if you are from outside the city you can transit in Makasar first, because for a while the flight path that can be reached by plane from major cities in Indonesia is Sultan Hasanuddin Airport - Makasar.

For travel by land transportation and starting from Makassar City - South Sulawesi. You can use public transportation ie inter-provincial buses that you can meet in Bus Bus' terminal. The bus is equipped with good facilities such as air conditioning, rest rooms and comfortable chairs, perfect for long-distance travel. Usually this bus will depart on a predetermined schedule. In addition you can also use other alternative transportation by renting a vehicle to Tana Toraja. The time taken to get to Tana Toraja is about 6 - 8 hours drive and it is advisable to travel during the day, as you will be able to enjoy the natural beauty of mountains, paddy fields and beach panorama that can cure boredom during the trip.

The route you will pass during the trip using Land transportation, among others, you will follow several districts in South Sulawesi, among them are the towns of Maros, Pangkep, and Barru. Here your trip will stop for a rest after it continues to the city of Pare - Pare, Sidendreng, Enrekang and then you arrive in the District of Tana Toraja.

Then when you use air transport mode, you can start from Sultan Hasanuddin airport - Makasar by Air Dirgantara Air Service (DAS) to Pongtiku airport in Rantetayo with travel time approximately 45 Minutes. In the future the local government will build a larger airport located in Mengkendek, so that visitors from outside the city can directly transit at the airport without going through Sultan Hasanuddin airport in Makassar.

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