Jayawijaya Mountains Indonesia

Eternal Snow on the Equator Being the Uniqueness of Puncak Jaya
Jaya Wijaya

Jayawijaya peak is a mountain with a height up to 4,884 m above sea level. Located at the coordinate point S 04 ° 04.733 and E 137 ° 09.572. This mountain soars the sky and penetrates the clouds beautifully. Puncak Jayawijaya is the largest limestone mountain in Indonesia. Jaya Wijaya Mountains Indonesia is the highest point on the island of Papua, or even in Oceania and the Australian continent. Puncak Jayawijaya is the highest point covering the Andes and Himalayas, and is touted as the highest peak of the various islands in the world.

Indonesia itself is a tropical country. As you already know, this country stretches over the equator, so there can be no snow in this land. But the law does not apply to Puncak Jayawijaya. Because the cold snow always blanketed Puncak Jayawijaya. It is strange, but this is the main attraction for Puncak Jayawijaya. This mountain is the only snow-covered mountain in Indonesia. Although not all peaks in the mountains Jayawijaya this snowy.
Peak Jaya Wijaya

Indeed, Indonesia is located on the equator does have a tropical climate of all time so it does not allow the snow in the region. But natural wonders often appear in Indonesia. One of them is the eternal snow at the top of Mount Jayawijaya.

At the top of this tallest mountain in Indonesia, the snow lies so wide. Its height reached 4,884 dapl make eternal snow covered the peak of this mountain in Papua. Snow on Puncak Jayawijaya is one of nature's unique phenomena, because natural ice usually does not descend along the equator. When viewed from the air, Puncak Jayawijaya like a tapestry covered with a white hood. If the sun is bright, then the snow will reflect the glare of the sun but still amazing.

The beauty of Puncak Jayawijaya or better known to the climber as the Carstenz Pyramid is listed as one of the seven summit of the continent (seven summit) is very phenomenal and became the target of mountaineers in various parts of the world. Carstenz is named after the inventor of this mountain, Jan Carstenz who saw a snowy peak in the tropics through a ship in 1623.

Being in Puncak Jayawijaya or at Puncak Carstenz is a dream of mountain climbers. The requirements are not easy and the cost is not cheap must be prepared in advance to overcome various obstacles that exist. Starting from the natural conditions are so steep, the temperature is very cold, and strong winds and the possibility of lack of oxygen to be a challenge in itself.

Before starting this adventure you should prepare the physical before starting the journey so that your condition is prime, especially for the peak of the mountains the temperature can reach up to 0 degrees Celsius., Otherwise you must pocket the permit from the relevant government authorities, it is solely done for the good of us as climbers or visitors because the terrain you will travel not only long, difficult but also dangerous. It is not cheap and not easy to reach Puncak Jaya, but it will be comparable to the sensation of satisfaction of its own ineffable words if you managed to trample the foot there, the beauty of the green scenery will certainly fascinate you, for a while from the field view a difficult plus time and mileage that takes a special time may be even better if the climb is done by professional climbers, even if you are not familiar with this activity, can be accompanied by those who have the ability to climb and special experience in this regard.

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