Hidden Paradise on Mount Rinjani, Lombok Indonesia

The morning panorama at Mount Rinjani

Indonesia is rich in its natural beauty. The mountains, the sea, the rice fields, all show the beauty of Indonesia. One of the natural charm of Indonesia is Mount Rinjani. Mountain with an altitude of 3726 mdpl this, is indeed one option for climbers, both climbers in the country and from abroad. How not, the scattered story of its beauty, for each climber must be challenged for the mountain mission located in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara.
climbing area of Mount Rinjani, can be said not too difficult, if it has found the right path. There are several commonly selected climbing routes, namely Sembalun, Senaru, Timba Noah, and Torean. Usually, the favorite route for climbers is the Sembalun Climbing Path, because the path is quite easy compared to other climbing routes.

In the Sembalun Climbing Path, you will pass through a flat savannah. But it is important to note, that sunscreen cream is highly recommended given the air can feel very hot during the day. But, in the afternoon, the air around the savanna is not too hot, and you can also enjoy the chirping of the birds are melodious. There are 4 posts that must pass in climbing Mount Rinjaniini, that is post 1, post 2, post 3, and the last is post Plawangan Sembalun. In this climb, it is advisable to bring enough drinking water, because not all the post you pass there is the eye water.

The Climber to Rinjani Peak in the Morning

The beauty of Mount Rinjani can not be expressed in words. Both in the morning, afternoon, afternoon, and evening, the charm of Mount Rinjani always looks with majestic. Especially at night, where you will see the beauty of the star-studded sky. Especially if you look at him while lying outside your tent, hmmm ... like a beautiful blanket of glittering stars .. indeed an experience that will not be forgotten for sure.

One place that is not missed by climbers in the climb of Mount Rinjani is Lake Segara Anak
. Yes, this beautiful lake can be found after climbing through two lanes, namely Sembalun Climbing Path and Senaru Climbing Path. To reach the Segara Anak Lake from the Sembalun Climbing Path, it takes approximately 8 hours, while through the Senaru ascent route, it takes about 7 hours minimum. In the vicinity of Lake Segara Anak, people usually do some activities such as camping, soaking in warm sulfur water, and also fishing. To reach this lake, it's time not for a moment, but you will not regret it if you have seen the beauty.

Many things can be seen on Mount Rinjani is so beautiful. To go to Mount Rinjani, you can start from Mataram to Sembalun, East Lombok with a journey of about 2 hours. If you are outside Lombok, you can start by visiting Lombok by plane. After arriving at the airport, you must head to Selong, East Lombok by car. From Selong, continue your journey to Air Mel Market, East Lombok. From Pasar Aik Mel, then you go to Sembalun, East Lombok to start your ascent.

Hmmm ... interesting, is not it? Do you want to explore the beauty of the famous Rinjani Mountain in Lombok? If so, start planning it from now on!

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