Gong Cave Pacitan Java Indonesia

Gong Cave
Gong Cave
Gong Cave Pacitan Java in East Java is one of the popular tourist attractions in Pacitan and holds the title as the most beautiful cave tour of Southeast Asia. The charm of Gong Pacitan cave is sourced from a beautiful panorama of stalactites and stalagmites that you can encounter when going through the cave for approximately 2 hours. Geographically, Pacitan Regency is located in the southwestern region of East Java, has a landscape composed of limestone mountains that are less fertile to be used as agricultural land. The nutrient content of the land in Pacitan is small, thus the criteria of land in Pacitan are considered arid. Soil contours in the area of ​​Pacitan in general just more open the potential of nature tourism, one of these Gong Pacitan Gong. Gong Cave is administratively located in Pule Hamlet, Bomo Village, Punung Subdistrict, about 37 km west of downtown Pacitan. Cave tourism object in East Java this one is surrounded by mountains, north of the mountain Manyar, south of Karang Pulut mountain, east of Mount Gede, and the west is Mount Grugah. These four mountains are non-active volcanoes.

Gong Cave Pacitan Java has a depth of cave as long as 256 meters and has stalagmites and stalactites hundreds of years old. This cave appears as a result of volcanic activity and thermal movements that are thought to last hundreds of thousands of years ago.

Gong Cave2
Stalactites and stalagmites in Gong Pacitan cave

Based on the story of the local community, this cave is named as Goa Gong is because people often hear the sound of echo of the sound like the sound of gongs coming from inside the cave. Gong is one of percussion tools in Javanese gamelan art. Sound like a gong from inside this cave is the result of the reflection of natural water droplets of the cave that hit the stalactite or stalagmite rock of the cave. The sound it produces sounds harmonious and beautiful, even if you are at the entrance of the cave.

Gong Pacitan Cave Tour

If you want to enjoy the charm of Gong Pacitan cave that is really rich in the beauty of stalactites (secondary minerals that hung in the cave sky) and stalagmites (limestone rocks tapered and found on the cave floor), you can enter into it by paying Gong Gong IDR 5 thousand per person.

Stalactites and stalagmites in Gong Pacitan cave will experience prolonged growth through natural processes due to oxidation reactions or chemical reactions between air and water. The average growth rate of stalactite and stalakit in this cave ranges from 0.1 to 0.13 mm per year. 

Hotels in Gong Pacitan Cave Area

If you plan to stay, you can search for hotels near Gong Pacitan Cave. There are various types of lodging, such as hotels and others with diverse facilities.
You can contact the hotel there or search for hotels near Gong Cave online. One of the popular online bookings among travel lovers is AGODA.

Travel Route to Gong Pacitan Cave

The city of Pacitan is about 101 km from the city of Madiun. If you start a journey from the city of Yogyakarta or Solo, you can travel through the city of Solo Madiun, then arrive in Pacitan. From Jogja to Pacitan, the duration of the trip and continue to enter the area of ​​Ponorogo, then will enter the region of will take about 5 hours. Ifyou choose public transport and start a journey to Pacitan from the city of Surabaya, you can use the patas bus that will take you to Ponorogo, then change another bus that will take you to Pacitan. From downtown Pacitan, you need to travel for about 30 minutes to arrive at the Gong Pacitan Cave area

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